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    Know the basic features of travel insurance

    Travel insurance is a new entrant in Indian insurance market. Although it is not very popular, it is absolutely necessary at the time of foreign travel. Travel insurance cover is usually limited to the duration of the travel. However, some insurance companies may offer various compensation of protection to address specific needs of customers. We must know the following important features of travel insurance:-

    (a) Trip cancellation caused due to illness of the covered people, is covered by the policy.
    (b) It covers the medical expenses, if any, during travel.
    (c) Travel insurance also covers theft at the time of travelling.
    (d) Emergency evacuation, if required due to natural calamities or terror activities, is covered.
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    Good to read about travel Insurance to which many people are ignorant. The author can have further more detail and submit as a article and that would be great benefit to the members and net users.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nowadays people are travelling to foreign countries much more frequently. So, though travel insurance is relatively new to the Indians, the importance of this insurance can't be ignored. I have been studying the subject and after some time I will write an article as desired by Mr. Mohan.
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    Nowadays health insurance is a must for the person who are travelling abroad. We can take a insurance cover from the date you have started to the date you have come back. Some health insurances we will take when in station may not be useful for foreign travel. So we should take a separate insurance cover. Recently all this private travels are also providing insurance coverage for the travel by their vehicles for the period of travel. They collect the charges for that also with the ticket charges. They will give you that insurance certificate also with the ticket. This is a good initiative to have some financial help in case anybody is getting injured in travel.
    The author has given a good piece of information about this. Thanks for him for this.

    always confident

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