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    More or less India is still dependant

    Even after these much years went passed after India being an Independent Nation, I can only see a helpless India still dependant on other countries for their survival. We might have freed ourselves from British but I feel if they where still here the entire chapter would be different. Yes, it's true that natives will be devoid of freedom but the India you could see might be a prosperous and fully developed one. I sincerely enjoy the freedom but I am afraid authority is not properly leading the nation so as to be competent with others.

    I don't think India can catch up with the growing pace of foreign nations. It seems we are misusing out country being Independent. Catch a glimpse of those greedy people running behind filthy money and polishing up their future being a totally self centered and corrupted homosapiens. What is your opinion on this issue. Do you think India is Independent ? Fire your opinions and arguments as response below. Thank you.
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    A logic and important observation made by the author through this tow topic. Yes even today we are greatly relying on other countries in terms of technology, know how and ease to do business and thus even after so many years of Independence, our children are feeling that we are still developing and why not the status of developed country. For that our political system must change. Only the educated and those who understand the country and priorities must come in politics and get the power of ruling. What is the use we having great intelligent persons to help government with varied suggestion and the politician who occupied the highest post in state and center wont lend ears and follow the advise of great intelligent people.. That is the reason being so some greats are confining themselves to writing books and biography and wont have the guts to advise the government.
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    Yes. India is always a developing country only. I don't know when will it become developed country. The present status is not because of the politicians of today. It is because of the politicians of yesteryears, who thought of their self motives rather the interest of the country and society. The legacy is carried on by the present day politicians. A plant can be shaped as you want but it is difficult to shape a tree. The corruption, vote politics and urge for power are responsible for the present day status.
    Today corruption has become a part and parcel of every system. Politicians always make amends so that they will lost in power for many years and make so much money for their coming generations. If someone tries to do some good he will become odd man out and he will be pulled out.
    We have to wait and see whether like Krishna in Mahabharata a great leader may come and change the entire situation.

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    Indian Independence in 14th August 1947 seen from today's lens will be completely misguiding. Indian freedom struggle is more of an economic struggle against the Imperialistic Britain than Politica Which present younger generation seems to have developed an Idea of. Indian economic freedom gave oppurtunity to thousands of people at a single stroke. Of course the very first economic achievement is poltical when Indian leaders became political masters opening the political arena to thousands of Indians which were hitherto denied in British rule. This also opned the way for thousands of bureaucracy officials. We must remember ICS was one the finest coveted civil service in the world. These posts were hitherto occupied by British officials with their family in England enjoying the benefits.
    Coming to the main point. India was reeling under famine with thousands dying every year. British taxation policy was severe with 10/11 th of produce in certain cases of Zaminari Settlement of Land revenue system in Bengal. Both Raw material supply and market was systemically designed to favour British. India of course had some golden years during British rule. But those years were limited to periods during which British was under crisis and Indian economy development was needed to secure British interests.
    Coming to development India beceoming one of the so called super powre was never Indian freedom fighters intention. Infact Gandhi's economic policy had more emphasis on self reliance and village development against the communistic and capitalistic policies of erstwhile super powers. Indian capitalist were slowly developed during Nehru era with socialistic policies with aggressive state intervention but mainting a distance from pursuing a communistic policy. Indira's years took to state owned socialism a deviatoin from the middle path follwed by Nehru. Indian capitalist were not allowed to grow for some time and India paid heavily for it. But After Indira Government's economic policy was back on track with Government supported socialism with slowly giving space to Private enterprises. But Indira's period was known for nationalisation, Anti poverty measures, 20 point programmes etc.
    Presently Indian policies are market oriented capitalism with state regulation. This policy is because Indian capitalist are able to compete on par with many world brands.
    In this history India had peculiar issues to deal with very different from any country in the world in each and every field. India's development is natural culmination of Indian economic policy whihc was prudent enough. Freedom was natural and necessary.
    India has come along way and India's goal was never to attain super power status but to increase the freedom of masses.

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