Request to contributors of job posts - inter-linking to institute would be beneficial

This is a request to those submitting teaching jobs (not a mandatory official rule.) When submitting a job post, please try to put one link to the school or college page if posting a vacancy in the institute. Do not give more than one link to that institute.

For other job posts, if you do find a relevant article / Ask Expert thread / course page, etc related to a keyword within the job's descriptive text, then also you may give a link to it if you so wish (not more than one such link). Note that such a link should be given only if really related to the text's words you have put in.

Such links would be highly beneficial to drive traffic to the institute / other sections. Also, you will be given an extra point and cc for a relevant link. Irrelevant links will, of course, be removed by the editors.

Do not give links in the attribute boxes or in the summary or title of the job post - it should be given, if at all, in the descriptive content only.

Important: Keep in mind not to give a link too close to any ad unit as this could lead to what is called "click bombing" (a reader may click repeatedly on the ad instead of the link you give due to its very close placement to it.)

Note that you are also allowed to add a relevant keyword (not more than 4 maximum) to your job post if you so wish. Editors will remove irrelevant keywords.