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    Our North East India

    Very few of our fellow countrymen - Bharatiya - knew about India's North East. Those who know, know a little. Till recent times, North East India - Eeshanya Bharat remained untouched and unreached. It was called Seven Sisters (comprising of seven states) - Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura. Now a small state is added which beautifully called a small brother - Sikkim. This whole north eastern region is beautiful, picturesque with abundant natural scenarios. The people here are beautiful, wear colourful dresses, speak different dialects, follow different traditions and faiths of their own indigenous. Singing and dancing is integral part of their life. Often they are misunderstood as Nepalis or Chinese by common Indians. This annoys the our North Eastern brothers. To great amazement, majority of North Easterners knew much about Indian states and its people. They know well about Punjabis, Marwaris, Madrasis, Biharis and so on. But when it comes to people from UP, Bihar, Maharashtra or Tamilnadu a person from North East is always mistaken as Chinese. This is the main problem of our understanding our own people. Through ISC I would like to appraise all friends to read more and know more about North East Indians.
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    Hearty welcome to the new member and great to read this thread which portrays his annoy over the main land people not recognizing the important of North Eastern states which now includes even Sikkim. I am also against the media which never carries any report of news from the NE except when some land slides occurs and deaths reported. I was watching a placard displayed by a NE women which states that when the floods are there in Mumbai it is covered by all the media and when the floods are occurring every year and this time it has destroyed much of Assam and the situation is worsening, the National media including Doordarshan fail to showcase the plight. ISC members who are residing in NE region should come with problems and their plight so that we also can come to know about the situation. Such kind of interaction is very much needed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. Media coverage to Mumbai floods is full. But there is no talk about Assam floods. It is bad that our own country people not able to recognise coindians as Indians. Telugu speaking people also faced this problem for long. All telugu people also used to refer as Madrasis. Only after the great legend politician NTR came to power only brought identity to us. In the same way a great leader has to born and take up the cause of North Eastern people and see that there will also get due recognition.
    I don't understand why media is not giving that much importance to these states. There should be a chage in this and coverage of those states also should step up.

    always confident

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