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    Can we judge someone through social media?

    Is it okey to judge a people according to their social media accounts like whether he/she is good enough or you can get idea about their interests, their maturity level???
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    We may not be able to come to a full conclusion, but can have some idea piecing together various inputs in their posts and selecting the common factors we need.
    Nowadays employers refer to the prospective employer's social media presence and activities because of this reason.

    We get reports of people getting cheated by believing the social media profiles and posts. That means there are very clever cheaters and fakes in social media arena who can cleverly mask their original self and put up a fake one.

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    Please do not believe the accounts and the people appearing in social media are good and reliable. Unless and untill one does not share there original photo, you cannot trust and have faith in their contributions. I came to know that many of school going children has created fictitious social media account citing them to be a major and sharing the profile photo as nature, celebrity or flowers. Thus we cannot know the real motive behind every post they share and we cannot blindly follow such accounts because of their ability to write well and attract well through their impressive postings. Moreover the reach is more and instant, trouble makers, cheaters are on the prowl in social media and it is better to join only groups which has the eminent people as members and their sharing are also genuine with real photos.
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    It is never easy to judge a person from social media even if he/she has posted his/her photograph. How can you know whether it is the real photograph? Do you have any means to judge it?
    In the same way, the profile created by him/her may also not be true. In many cases, it has been observed that people are doing so for some malicious purpose. Almost everyday, reports appear in the newspapers about such fraudulent people making friends in the social media and then cheating others.
    Hence, it is very much desirable that people should not easily believe others in social media. They should be cautious while sharing their personal information there.

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    I feel judging a person basing on his social media presence is not at all correct. There are many people who create fake accounts with different names and post unworthy posting. A male will open an account on the name of a female and put all bad and exposing photos of others.
    Some people will keep their correct identity in the social media but they take care of their postings in such a way that nobody knows about their actual nature. Some good people may appear as bad and some bad people may appear as good. If we assess them by this our efforts will get in vain.
    Actually why we should assess a person and in which context is also important. If it is just friendship on the site only means you can try basing on his profile and postings. But for any other activity you should do this exercise. So be cautious and don't go for assessing people basing on their social media actions.

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    In our social media profile, we always try to project our positive side. We consciously hidee our negative aspects. So, we must not try to judge a person from his social media file profile.
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    Not necessarily we can judge people through social media. Because, what people write about themselves does not mean they are. There are people who create fake ids as well on social applications. So, it is not easy to judge on that basis. There are some genuine people also on social media, who are aware of how to utilize it and do not just misuse it. But obviously, social media is not the right source to find about a person.
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