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    More or less it is we who are responsible to create criminal Baba

    The realities of some Baba's have come out open. Whom we see as a guide, a teacher, whom we keep them before God, chants their name with our pure heart, and suddenly they come out as a criminal! It has happened just recently and has happened in the past too but are we so blind that we could not find the differences in real and fake Baba? Or it is just our weakness that whenever we had problems in life we reach to such people and they take our weakness as their advantage. We have to learn more about our life's mistakes and try to fight by ourselves if we get in any trouble which everyone goes through, the more we run behind Babas, the so called criminal will rule our mind and our situations.

    Everyday we come across the same old story where people get cheated by this so called fake Baba, but do we learn from it?. Because we are so deeply rooted in our religion that we keep our sense organs close to hear anything against of it. We never try to look from our own judgment and this is here other third person enter in our life to disturbed it.

    We complaint, we condemn, we abuse such Baba when we come to know the reality. But, more or less it is we who create them to reach higher place in our society and we are only responsible for them. Time has come to awaken our already dead sense to see the reality and save our society and country from such criminals.

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    Excellent post! I fully agree. We are responsible for creation of these babas, pirs and other so-called godmen. In Delhi, I have noted many postars of tantriks. As for example, today morning, I found a poster of Tantrik Ghazhi Baba with phone number in the bus. Tantrik rituals are part of Hinduism and partly Buddhism. Islam does not permit Tantrik rituals. Then why does this 'peerbaba' harassing and befooling people? A man and a lady noted his number. I felt very sorry for these simple-minded religious people who are falling in the trap of these babas.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A very good post. 100% it is true. We are only creating and developing these Babas. Basically we , human beings, wants to have all comforts and facilities in our life. We want to enjoy our life. But, at the same we want shortcuts for accomplishing our wishes. We always want a easy bite. This is a weakness in many people. These babas encash this weakness and become big.Really we have to pity ourselves for this attitude.We should rely on our abilities and accomplish our wishes. But thinking that something very good happen going to the babas is futile in my opinion. These days I am seeing increase in this kind of Babas in the society. But there some real good sadhu are there. A real powerful Guru need not worry about propaganda and more disciples. Kanchi Kamakoti Swamy is an example for this. They strive for the people.
    Another variety of people believe that they have supernatural powers and by going to these babas their powers will also increase. These people start believing those babas and get lost in the middle.
    we are only responsible for all these fake Baba's bad deeds

    always confident

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    Big money and big business means somewhere there is big crime. I feel this is true in all cases including individuals.companies, spiritual and religious leader, politicians, or any one in any profession and service.

    Those who are honest,law abiding and truly tax compliant and doing activities using on money and within limits of morality and legality cannot amass wealth in short time.

    Those religio-spiritual personalities commanding terrific following and faith from large masses are all doing business for profit and popularity only. Money,popularity and following are the essential ingredients to power. Without power it is difficult to sustain the other three. So they try to grab power by all means or to be staying with those who have real power. Those in power want to stay in power , and for that they need the other three ingredients. If they don't have those, then they side with those who have the three. Hence this is a viscous cycle.

    Naturally ordinary people also stick to those with power, popularity and success out of awe and also for selfish personal interests.

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    Recently I happened to see a snap in social media 'is it coincidental that kids are taught baba black sheep' and surely it is given a message that even a small thing should be taken as an alert to us and always keep a distance from all those so called 'Babas'.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Anything start from very low level, specially in this kind of field most of the time some powerful people will refer a particular person to be Baba. The baba will then collect the public power, the public power then become the political power, and this is how it goes on. If the normal people stop encouraging such fake drama, there is no chance there factory will run.

    I am not talking about any one, different part of the world have the same issue. Yeah, this issue is more in our country because of nothing but our foolishness and less awareness.

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    Excellent thinking on the part of the author who has well connected the tow topic with the happenings in recent days on the arrest of fake Babas and their over influence in the society. It is the people who turns as their ardent followers and support the Baba with money and wealth and thus many fake babas were living lavishly. I was seeing the video of Life of Ram Rahim in a Ashram which was a luxurious villa and the seems he had the obsession for the Love character and as everything in his room has the love symbol. His chair is having love shape, his bed is having love shape and his pillows are also having love shape. So whose money he was enjoying ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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