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    Parents have more or less sacrificed their youthful days for the happiness of their Children

    The more I think of their endless sacrifices that they have made for us I am unsure if we can ever give back to them what they have done for us.

    No matter how old we become, in front of our parent's eyes, we will always remain a child. We cannot give back their dreams which they have sacrificed for us at the various phase of their life. But as they get older they might think of the dreams that they had which they had to postpone it for our happiness. It could be a very small dream or a big dream but their priorities changed as soon as they became a parent. May be we might not be able to imagine the magnitude of how much they had to sacrifice their dreams for us.

    Let's not forget anything that they did for us which even includes the smallest sacrifice that they had to do for us. We may not be able to fulfill all their dreams but if we can at least fulfill few of their desires as per our ability I am sure that we can treasure their happiness forever in our hearts. Parents say that children are the greatest heritage but I would like to say that parents are our greatest blessings. They are the ones who love us unconditionally.
    Sending them to old age home is never a solution because they took care of us from the day we saw the first ray of light so should we not take care them when they need us the most?

    Our society says that a son should take care of his parents. Why only sons and not daughters? Parents take care of sons and daughters equally so even daughter can equally take care of her parents.

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    Parents are sacrificing their life for the welfare of the children. They spend every moment in their life for the upliftment of their children.
    Once a son has admitted his mother in a old age home. Once in awhile he used to come and see her and go back. During one of his trip he asked her mother how is she? She said she is very happy and she told whether it is possible to have a air conditioner in that home. The son replied you said you are happy and why you a Ac. She replied that for me it is OK. But at a later stage you have to come to a old age home like me. But at that time you may not be able to adjust well without AC. So I am enquiring about that. Such is the love a parent have for their children. Children should take care of their parents well. Simply giving money is not the only answer, you have to hold their hand when required. We should not forget that they only taught us everything by holding our hands.

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    Yes the marriage is held at the right age say 18 years for the girl and 21 years for the boy, surely they will have the children in another two or three years. By the time they are in their 25 years of age, they would be running after looking the children and having concern for them. I have seen some women who hail from posh family before marriage and has the habit of visiting hotels and having outside food every sunday, has to be confined inside the in laws house after marriage and thus they have sacrificed their youth for the sake of in laws and later their own children. Some break must for those young caring couples.
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    Agree with you Neethu, parents have always considered a duty to think of us and take care of us. They have done all the compromises throughout their lives to make their child happy. When we were child, they held us in their arms, and then they helped us to walk, they held our fingers to learn walking. They helped us to write, to learn and everything in life. They made us learn how to lead a life, they told us what is good and what is bad for us, gave us right directions.
    They have always worried for us throughout their life. Its our duty to do the same for them, when they need it. We are growing up and we should not forget that they are growing old too. They need our time and attention, we should give them, care for them, help them in their work.
    I feel girls take care more of their parents in comparison to boys. There is even a famous saying behind it "A son is a son till he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life." With an ending note, love your parents and spend a good quality time with them.

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    I'll respond from a parent's perspective.

    I have never understood the connection between 'parents' and 'sacrifice'.

    As a parent, I do not sacrifice anything for my child. What I have is love for my child, and it is this unconditional love that makes me do things for her. I do not see it as sacrifice – I just see whatever I have done and continue to do for her, as an extension of my love.

    I would never want her to think that I or my husband sacrificed anything for her. I want her to always know that we have loved her with all we have got. And whatever we have done and do for her is because we love her.

    The word sacrifice puts a price on love. It brings in a sense of guilt. It makes one think that parents could have avoided doing what they did – that they had a choice, but chose sacrifice instead. But, when it is love, there is no guilt.

    In love we put the other person before us – we willing do what we do, without ever thinking about our actions or thinking of it as a sacrifice. It is almost mechanical. I find it difficult to put my thoughts on this, in words. But, one thing I am sure of is that I have never sacrificed for my child – whatever I have done for her is a result of my love for her.

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