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    Beware of duplicate brands in market!

    As we see many original brands are duplicated by copying their original brand icon designs with almost the same design but with a slightest of difference. If you see the Kinley original water bottle icon design is copied by another company with different spelling 'Kimberly' and Puma original brand is copied Poma like that many duplicate brands so if you are not alert of this you can buy the duplicate brand instead of buying the original brand.So please 'Beware of this' otherwise you get cheated.Knowledgeable members, please share your experience on this.
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    Yes. We should be alert in selection and purchase. Many duplicate items are coming with almost similar icon and name. They see that somehow their name and trade mark are registered. Once it is done, nobody can question them. So as a buyer we should be careful in this. In many places mineral water bottles are refilled with ordinary water and sold as mineral water. So we should be cautious and careful in the purchase. So far I have no experience of purchasing duplicate items in place of branded items.
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