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    School Girl in Tamil Nadu commits suicide due to period shaming

    I saw this news today morning while getting ready for my work. It's a very unfortunate event and there is no point in playing the blame game.

    The school girl who committed suicide was scolded by her teacher and the principal which led her to take this drastic step.

    A little understanding for the 12-year-old could have saved her life. As even today many of them consider monthly periods as a shame. Girls are kept bound in the home, they are not allowed to be in the presence of God as even today many consider them as unholy during those days.

    I hope that in the coming future this will change and they won't have to hide it and consider it as a shame.
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    Just now I read the same in other social platform and really felt bad and sad and pity.

    The awareness is still not there even in the educational slot itself that instead of making aware of such things in a school environment, they have scolded her for the over bleeding and hence the surrounding got dirt.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    This is really shocking news and the family lost the girl for no valid reason. Periods are bound to happen for the girl child from the age of 12 and that the process of life to which she is not held responsible. Every women has to go through this cycle from age 12 to 45 years and there is no other go. Some think that being aloof for those three days would be as per the custom and tradition followed. But modern girls are no more concerned as they feel it is the process of life to which there need not be reservations and feeling shame for those three days. Yes girls must assert their right on this issue to be free on those days.
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    Since time immemorial, this physiological phenomenon of women has been treated as a taboo in almost all societies. This very very unfortunate incident is the result of this. And women are more responsible for considering this physiological phenomenon as taboo.
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    This is a good example for the carelessness of teacher and the principal. Something which is natural happened. I don't know that whether that girls aware of what happened or not. Teacher is supposed to take of such situation and see that she will be safe and send her back to her house, if necessary. But the teacher has taken a bad root and principal followed the teacher. Shame on their part. Now in the present days everybody knows this natural happening. Parents might have taken care of explaining her or teacher might have acted correctly. A girl of 12 years died. She has committed suicide. But I will say this a forced suicide by the teacher and principal. Action should be taken on these two. Same thing may happen to another girl tomorrow. So this should be taken seriously by the concerned and action should be taken.
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    I hope more awareness is spread among the girls and make them feel comfortable during those days instead of making them feel that it's a disease and meant to be hidden.

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    This is really an unfortunate thing that a physical activity in the body of females is being seen with such shame in the society that a woman feels as if it is her fault. This can be only attributable to the backwardness of a society.
    Until unless the attitude of society changes this problem of looking down at women as a inferior part of family will be haunting us all. There is no point in getting educated and thinking ourselves as advanced people on this earth if we can not get rid of this social evil.

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    It feels really sad hearing this news. How could someone being a teacher do this to a girl child? She could also have gone through the same stage of life. There still needs to be more awareness and understanding about periods and menstruation among girls. This just cannot be considered as shame. It is a normal biological process every girl undergoes. Yes, there is a lot of hesitation among girls when they are undergoing such hard times and pain. They think that other person does not make fun of them or so.
    Schools should organize special sessions and seminars for complete knowledge of menstrual cycle among girls and should give proper teaching on this subject too. So, that girls can get rid of this hiding problem and live with ease in life.

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    I watched the debate on television and was upset with the level of ignorance prevalent in our society. We still have not come to terms with the fact that menstruation is a normal biological occurrence and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is also a sign of a healthy woman. We still seem to be living in the dark ages.

    Coming back to the incident, according to the newspapers there is nothing to corroborate that the girl committed suicide because of being reprimanded by her teacher because of her clothes staining due to period blood.

    Even I noticed the discrepancy, when last night, one of the news channels read the translated version of the suicide note, wherein nothing about the incident was mentioned. All the letter said was something to the effect that there were no complaints from any teacher when she (the girl) was in the sixth standard and only in the seventh standard the teacher has started complaining.

    The reason for suicide might not be what is being highlighted.

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