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    Beliefs and superstition - what is the difference?

    Want to know how to differentiate between a belief and a superstition? Check out this forum thread & give your views too.

    As we all see what happened in past days about some incidents in Haryana and Punjab. Can we say that most part of our country is still under superstition? Not so grown in their thoughts! Some persons having ability to think logically still are doing tge worst things. There is a vast difference between superstition and beliefs. How to show other people the real difference?
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    Superstition and beliefs are just two sides of a coin. They are mingled when people stop thinking logically and blindly believes upon something it becomes superstition.
    The time has come when we have to be more rational in our thinking and refuse to accept anything without proper justification. Only then we can get rid of superstitions.

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    Still we are seeing lots of consequances that we are facing just because of people's blind faith. If we keep doing these then our country will not be in the race of developed countries say many years.

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    In this world some clever people exploit the gullible ones in the pretext of religion and superstitions. Unfortunately some persons are superstitious and have faith and belief in many things but there are some who are simple and sincere and both these categories are exploited by the religious leaders equally.

    On command from these clever people some people are ready to sacrifice their lives. Can we believe This? Even educated people are falling in that trap.

    It is really astonishing that a few people are able to wrongly motivate millions of people and ask them to follow a wrong thing as well as show them totally a blind path where even devil fears to tread.

    Being superstitious is one thing but follow someone blindly is worse. Superstition is like unnecessary indulging in matters which even God will not like us to do.

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    It is not the belief and superstition but the way of attracting people with their own whims and fancies and laying trap to the gullible followers and through which amazing wealth. The way the fake Babas were enjoying the life is mind boggling and even every follower on watching the reality of their so called gurus would down their head with shame. The government and the police also keep quiet on the upsurge of such dongi Babas unless and until there was media uproar or any complaint registered against them. When the Babas preach about life of eternal world, then why they are amazing wealth for their own motives ? With this two incidents at least the police and Intelligence department must conduct surprise raids across the country to investigate the roles of such Babas and take them to task if some bad things are happening inside their so called asharams. Some are even running colleges and hospitals.
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    It is unfortunate that we Indians believe fake gurus who advocate themselves as gurus and do all nonsense. Many people go behind them simply thinking that he can do miracles. Definitely we should come out of that myth and we should be able to identify the real babas and fake babas. The so called Godmen are exploiting this nature of Indians and playing left and right. The latest incident in Haryana is a good example for the above. How many people died and how many are suffering. Now with this example, if our people open their mouths and say that these babas should get punished.
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    The innocent and the gullible falling into the trap of the self-styled god man can be understood. They lack the intelligence to comprehend and are easily deceived. But what baffles me is that many intelligent and so called people of the world too fell for his guise.

    How does one explain cricketers, movie stars, politicians and business tycoons taking blessings of the phoney baba? Look at the wealth he has amassed. The 'dera' resembles a big fancy fare, in a small town – with replicas of the Taj and the Eiffel Tower etc. The opulence that he lived in, is garish, but it shows how much money he had. His fleet of cars – is unbelievable. He owns five-star properties and what have you. His flashy clothes and his stint with acting were in no way connected to spirituality and piety.

    Why was the world blind to all this? How did he have so many followers? Now it has come to light that his alleged adoptive daughter has gone into hiding, because she was the brain behind the mayhem that happened and his escape bid, after the verdict.

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    Superstitions and blind beliefs make home at a place where people have no knowledge and no awareness. Someone who does good to such people in need , become a God to them, and even if that person is a very bad guy in the background and has committed multiple crimes , that person will be treated like a Godman as the Babas these days are being treated. The surprising thing is to the see the educated people also being a part and taking side of these Babas. May be if they get some bribe or money or something in return from them, that they also start to follow them. This is a ridiculous state of mind.
    There needs to be awareness and education that should be spread among such people, so that they could develop a clear understanding and a clear picture about who so ever they meet in their life. So that they can know the way of judgement of things.

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