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    Google is saying "We're working on setting you up".

    Whenever I am trying to access my google adsense account it is saying:-
    We're working on setting you up
    This usually takes less than a day, but in some cases it can take a bit longer. We'll notify you when everything's ready. Then start earning money by placing ads.

    Does anyone in the forum had faced this earlier, and if so then how many days it took to get the adsense account fully activated.
    and what is Hosted account, I have seen this word in the my account tab.
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    For my adsense application also I received the same thing.This is like this from the last 3 Months. Whenever I login the same matter is shown. I don't know what is the reason and how much time they will take. Any member who have some knowledge on this issue can educate us on this issue.
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    Babu Saroj,

    It is a host account because it has been accepted via ISC, which is the 'host' through which you made your application. In the case of such host accounts, you will not be able to earn from other sources, such as if you set up your own blog/website and also not from any ISC partner site. You will earn only from your contributions to ISC. Some people have been successful in converting it to a non-host account by setting up quality websites and then applying for the non-host account. However, this is difficult to do so unless you really have high quality content at your niche blog/website.

    Regarding your main query, I have requested somebody who may have knowledge of this to respond here.

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    Yes, it is very complicated please other member who has idea about this, reply fast.
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    Has anybody has the idea why Google is saying "We're working on setting you up". on my first page of my google adsense account has the account is not approved fully what, please clarify members.
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    i think you need to check this out it will help you to get adsense account

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    This clearly means that your application is under process and Google is trying to verify your account. Once that has been done, you will receive another email from Google Adsense saying that your account has now been verified and you can place ads.

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    I was also facing the same issue but yesterday my adsense status changed to "This usually takes up to 3 days, but in some cases it can take a bit longer. We'll email you when everything's ready."
    I had applied for adsense on last Saturday. My request was rejected in first attempt so i tried for second time. It's been more than 5 days and still Google is showing this message.
    I think the only solution of this problem is applying for adsense with a new email id. I am going to do the same if I will not get any new message from Google in next two days.

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    Google will not directly come to ISC and check out your profile and the content you have written. Google depends on their own systems where they track organic traffic (Google search) to pages where Google AdSense code exists.

    Now, the problem seems to be that you have practically no content for review. The Article section is the primary section that is reviewed in AdSense application since it will contain only your Google AdSense publisher ID. Since you have only 1 article, my guess is your application is on the wait list since it is not getting any traffic at all. You have hurried into applying for AdSense application. Now the only solution I can suggest is to start posting articles as soon as you can so that you can get some organic traffic and your application can be reviewed.

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    Babu Saroj,
    What Ankit said is correct. Your adcodes should have some impressions to start processing review your adsense account. Without traffic, your codes can't get impressions (impressions means number of times your adcodes are loaded by users). But the minimum impressions required are not known by publishers like you and me, only Google team will know. You are contributing to jobs section where traffic is very low except teaching jobs in New Delhi and Kolkata. Google team verify first the high traffic URL of yours and then may see some other URLs of your contents. So contribute more articles which has the ability to draw some decent traffic (atleast 100 page views) or contribute teaching jobs based in Delhi and Kolkata and then apply again if the current application is rejected.

    Changing the email ID will not work unless you have some traffic. So contribute some quality articles or contribute in other sections to improve traffic potential and try again.


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    Request to editors/webmasters to check my adsense profile page. The following is shown in the page.
    Sorry! Something is wrong. We could not get valid AdSense script from your AdSense account and hence we are using our default AdSense Ads in your content pages. It could be because you haven't completed the AdSense application process, Google did not accept your application or we may have disabled your revenue sharing for violation of our program policies. If you have completed the AdSense application process and can't get this error resolved, please contact us and we will look into it.

    Last week I applied for the adsense, I got approved immediately. Its saying its working on the site, they would email once its completed. My adsense was disabled as I was not active. Now I am able to access the adsense account. In ISC pages adsense status shows approved as per google records and I see that my publisher Id is also changed and been given new ID. Kindly check adsense profile page.

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    The Webmasters have been informed. Please wait for guidance.

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    @ Babu Saroj
    Last month, i contributed in Job Section (from 23 august) for few days and posted approx. 40+ job posts in month of august. I received approx 400 + pageviews in If you post 10 jobs daily, you will have approx 300+ - 450 jobs in end of month and you can receive upto 3000 - 10,000 pageviews per month. So, it counts 100-150 PV per day from job section alone.

    In Addition of Jeba princy, where she told you need to target teaching jobs in delhi or kolkata. As a job section contributor, you need to understand that every university, college, school or organization always know to few hundred to few thousand peoples and even more. but everytime we can't target jobs in delhi or kolkata.

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    We have only a very limited role in setting up the AdSense account. Our system can only initiate the AdSense account application process and the rest is handled by Google. You will have to login to the Google account and follow the guidelines/prompts there to complete the process. Occasionally, Google may go out of sync and your application may simply get lost in the wild. In such cases, you may try alternate options like try to re-create the account using another email address, after waiting enough and trying all possible options you can think of. On an average, you may have to keep trying different options including waiting for about 3 weeks before you give up and try with another mail id.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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