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    What gives greater pleasure, having more or less?

    "Yeh dil maange more" is the slogan for the pepsi advertisement which was shown in earlier days but it holds so true for we the humans also. We are seldom satisfied with what we have and keep on wishing for more and more. In order to maintain our false status in the society and fulfilling our materialistic needs we channelise all our attention and efforts towards earning more money. We earn more money and in return get less time with our family and less peace of mind. We plan hundreds of things for future but are not able to reserve a single moment of peace and happiness for our present. Sometimes I wonder how a labour working and staying in a construction site manage to remain happy even after working so hard and earning so little. I have seen them merrily singing after a day of hard work. Then I realized what makes this possible. They have not burdened themselves with unrealistic expectations from future like us and they know how to be happy and satisfied in less and to live for present.
    So a question arises, having more is better or having less? Our impulsive response to this may be "more" but when I think in depth it makes me feel "less" is better. Having more will result in greed for more and more and it will continue as an infinite loop and still satisfaction won't be reached. On the other hand having less will give rise to satisfaction, which will make us stop and look beyond the materialistic possessions. So let us introspect which is better? To spend time in earning more, so that you can have more comforts but less time for the family and less peace of mind? Or to earn less and have less, so that we have more time for the family and more peace of mind? Let us try to stop our endless journey of greed in "more" and start searching for a gem called satisfaction in "less".

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    More and less are two relative terms. 5 is more than 3 but less than 7. What I take as more may be less to another. To be happy in the life is not more or less. Contentment in life will give happiness. Whatever we have we should be happy with that. Then everyone can have a peaceful life. So I always say contentment is the key to happiness.
    Running after money without peace of mind and not giving time for family members is not at all required. The person who works from the morning to evening and takes his daily wage will go eat and sleep. He always lives in the present. He has that contentment and he is very happy. For a person who is greedy it will be other way round.

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    I agree with the author, it is human tendency to "demand more" in everything. Having Less does not help anyone, people feel to have more. Having more of anything can cause more of the demand of it, and people will never be satisfied with it. But if you have less of something, you have patience with it, you know the value of it. Like in today's era we can see, the way of people are living life is of more comfort to them. If someone does not have a car, they feel that they should have one, because they are feeling a lot of inconvenience without it, it is difficult to walk on roads, or to carry a scooter or bike. So, in order to achieve more of comfort zone, people change their thoughts and their need for more increases.
    What I have also noticed, with increasing change in the way of living and status of living of the people, their demands and requirements rise to a great extent. But, we should think from a broader perspective, and understand the value of "less", then only we can live a contented life.

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    This thread is really different from others as author has come with nice thing on the present mind set of people's satisfaction level that they need more. There is an old saying in Tamil 'Podhum endra maname pon seyyum marundhu' meaning we should have a mind which always should satisfy with what we have and that is sufficient and enough.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    As Dr. Rao has rightly said, more and less are two relative terms. It is true that the common tendency of people is to have more of everything in life but there are places and instances when they feel happier in having less.
    Parents work hard for providing the best to their children and feel satisfied even after getting less than their children. So it depends on situations whether one would be happy by getting more or less.

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    This is yet another thread made form a creative mind. Nice relativity in bringing the ad jingle lines.

    (It is nice to see that this thread topic has triggered the creativity of members and participation in numbers is one of the best, if not the best.)

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