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    Our Attitude Towards Women is More or Less Same

    Every morning when I open the T.V and read the newspaper, I encounter many cases of rape, sexual harassment and violence against women. In 2012, during Nirbhaya incident, our country witnessed mass demonstrations and protests against rape and sexual harassment of women. A new ray of hope arose among people that no more such incidents will take place in future. Many new techniques of self guards and help line numbers were provided to girls and women. But all those things proved to be a nine days wonder.
    Nothing changed, in recent years the situation has become even worst than it was before. Not only outside the home even girls are not safe inside their own home. I was perplexed when I came to know about a news in which a girl filed F.I.R against her father accusing him of physical exploitation.
    Is it the culture of our country? Where the mentality of people is heading towards that they forget all the boundaries of relationship even between father and daughter, brother and sister. This is not the single incident, many such incidents are taking place everyday in numerous homes of this country.
    This is all because of the sick mentality of men in our society. They think girls a source of entertainment only and they seem to care least about their feelings and the relationship boundaries.
    Our attitude towards women is more or less same as it was before and I don't think, things are going to improve and we will come out of this sick mentality ever.

    I request every members of ISC to put forward their thoughts on this issue and ideas to overcome this problem.

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    Yes. There is no safety for girls in the house also these days. Many incidents of animal behaviour are reported in news papers. There is no fear of God or there is no fear of law and order or there is no fear of judiciary system. If we see many of these incidents are happening mainly with uneducated poor families. The main culprit is drink. Nowadays majority of gents that to daily wage earners are getting the habit of drinking cheap liquor. Once they have it they don't know what they are doing. In this the innocent girls are getting punished. The government should take these incidents and should put a system in place to award a serious punishment to the culprits at the earliest. To bring in prohibition all over the country is another work the government has to do. Girls should get equipped themselves with self protection gadgets and methods to attack these human animals and stop them a distance. I have seen many ladies carrying pepper spray which will help them to protect themselves.
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    You are right; nothing much has changed on the ground. Things seem to have only worsened. But, my view is that crimes against women are getting more coverage these days because they are being reported and because of the media. Earlier, women shied from reporting such incidents and there was also shame attached to rape. Thankfully, perceptions have changed and now the acts of rape and molestation etc. are seen as crimes against women. Women are no longer considered 'impure' because they were raped.

    We, as a society expected a colossal change after the Nirbhaya case, but that never happened. The reason is simple – we focused on the women – techniques to safeguard women, help lines and what have you. What we need is to change the mindset of the men. They are the ones who need to be educated and sensitised. They need to be taught how to treat women.

    In creating safeguarding techniques we are sending a message that yes, men will be men – it is for women to protect themselves. Why not drill some sense into the male fraternity?

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    Yes when we wake up in the morning , we are bombarded with news on women abuse of many kinds and the whole day the TV channels would go bla bla and even seek for further strengthening of laws and rules against the male crime doers. But that remains as the discussion and the law would also be enacted to protect women. But when it comes to crime , normally children of high politicians are involved and the police would hush up the case or milder punishment is awarded there by white washing the entire crime. This is happening around the country and the police are witness to it.
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