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    Should the grades be allotted even considering activities outside the class rooms ?

    In a class rooms, not all the children would be intelligent and ranker. Some may be maintaining the same tempo of getting higher ranks, some are confined to their old pattern of getting ranks and some are always considered average student. But average students invariably participate in other programs outside the class room and may be for that reason they may get lesser marks. But when awarding grades, why not the school management consider the out side activities too and award the child reasonably and that would satisfy the student immensely.
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    Grades should definitely be allotted for extra curricular activities as they mould our children's personality as a whole. Some are studious,some are artistic,some sporty while some may love public speaking.We can't judge a child just by his marks obtained in an exam as it's possible even for the brightest student to fail or achieve low grades at some point of time.
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    This was one of the reasons why CBSE had decided to implement CCE- Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation from the academic year 2009-2010 for 9th STD.

    Students were graded not just on their academic performance but also grades were given for their extracurricular activity like public speaking, artistic skills, sports among many other factors. So their grades were just not based on academic performance.

    Since that was the first year there were many training programs for the teachers as well. Since they had to grade the students, they were in as much dilemma as the students because for ages the traditional method was followed and suddenly this came into effect. Along with the students, even the teachers had to do their homework properly. That year equal importance was given to other activities apart from the academic work, though it gave a rose to many criticisms.

    I am unsure how it is now in the CBSE schools.

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    I also agree that the grades be allotted even considering activities outside the class rooms of the students. All children are special. Every children has its special talent and characteristics. We cannot judge the children with its class performance only. As a player is intelligent in his sport not in all streams.

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    My opinion is grades should be given in curriculum separate and in extra curricular activities separately. Then they can give a comprehensive grade. In such case it will become easy to understand in which field the boy will excel and accordingly he can be encouraged. If somebody wants a person who is good in extracurricular activities, they can go for people who got better ranks in that area. If somebody wants a person with good ranks in academics they can go to the people who got good ranks in that. I feel it is more logical. The grades can't be given to satisfy the student and they are to understand the caliber of the student. The teachers and parents should identify the talent of the student and basing on his field of talent he can be guided for his progress. otherwise a person who is good in games will go for academica and a person who is good in academics will go for games. So a better judgement and proper guidance is required.
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