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    LPG price hiked by almost Rs.74

    Just sat down to watch the news and was hit by the price rise of LPG cylinders. People who have given up subsidy will be pay Rs.607 for their next LPG cylinder and those who still have subsidy will pay Rs.475 for their next LPG cylinder.

    This is the 11th hike on LPG cylinders in the past one year. In Kolkata, the non-subsidised cylinder will cost Rs.616. This is going to upset many a household budget.

    Well, I am planning to switch to raw food.
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    Yes. Gas cylinder rate is increased. The intention of the government is to withdraw the subsidy slowly. Whether this raise is a part of that, I am not clear. I don't what is the impact of this increase on other commodities. Definitely there will be an increase in expenditure. If we go by 30% saving formula where to reduce the expenditure is not known. I may have to have a discussion with my better half.
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    This government (NDA government) at the centre has been very vague and even evasive when it comes to the fuel pricing scenario. They have raised the fuel prices ,including domestic use LPG, many times after coming to power. It is quite ironical that when the international price of crude is and was at the lowest, in India the fuel price was only galloping.
    I am not convinced about the price rise even after deregulation of prices. I feel there is much to hide or hidden.

    The irony that the opposition political parties who used to be vociferous on even silly matters have not come to the help of people and just make ritual protest by media statements. That is what makes me wonder. That there re major private sector players in the oil and fuel sector , is giving all the more doubts about the real purpose behind such high hikes .

    The people were compelled to enroll to Aadhaar by showing the carrot of LPG subsidy. The halpless people had to undergo the trauma of enrolling to Aadhaar card, then getting the mistakes corrected and then linking Aadhar to Bank account and Aadhaar and Bank a/c to LPG a/c.
    After undergoing all these traumatic operations,this the government has now pullled the carpet from below our feet and declare that subsidy will not be there.

    I pity on ourselves, how nicely we get fooled believing promises. Now only faith is God's just and double entry book keeping.

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    The cost of living since introduction of GST has gone up and the average middle class is unable to cope up with the increased price rise. Now this information of gas price increase by 74 rupees is a hard hit to the house hold budget. One cannot live without gas cylinders and we have to shell down the extra price. The prices of groceries has gone up, the vegetable prices are not less than 60 per kg for any item we select. Onions and tomatoes have become rich people dishes. Common man has been pushed to the state of wilderness. If this continues, then many people getting sick due to non maintenance of their family would be the next probable happening. And have you ever noticed that in garb of daily fixing of price, the oil companies are virtually looting us and the petrol and diesel rates have increased beyond imagination and not a word of protest from the opposition parties. If this continues, then Modi would be out next election.
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    The price of non subsidised LPG cylinder is related to the fluctuations of LPG price or crude oil price in international market. Government is slowly moving to open market situations where the prices will be in tandem with the international prices.

    There was a down slide in crude oil prices in the past few years but they are in going in upward direction going to affect the prices of all petroleum products in our country.

    There are many countries where consumption of petrol and diesel is very high depending on that the international prices of Petroleum products are being fixed. There is an element of export countries Association also by regulating the production of Petroleum can sometimes dictate the prices in international market.

    Few years back when United States discovered large amount of petroleum in the shale gas and started producing it there was a big decrease in the international oil prices as the united States decreased its imports from Arab countries significantly. At that time petrol diesel and LPG prices in India also came down though not exactly in the same proportion as the international market went down due to subsidy and other concerns.

    Government is taking many steps in this direction and slowly prices of these important commodities will be in tune with international market.

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    " Well, I am planning to switch to raw food." madam switching to raw food may leads to health problem. Instead cook in microwave oven and take it. 3 years before the LPG cylinder was around 1200 much higher than today.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    NK Sharma, my comment was made in jest, but thank you for the concern and the suggestion.
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    Yes, we must admit that the price of LPG has been increasing in almost every year. Similarly, the cost of PNG has also been increasing every year. It is being done to bring down the subsidies the Government gives on these two products, but this is becoming a burden on the common men off the country.

    I sincerely hope that the condition will be stabilized after another one year or so when the GST is properly implemented.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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