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    More or less, all of us are the same.

    It may sound a bit weird but more or less every person is the same. Each one of us experiences the same things throughout our lives. What is happening to you right now, would surely have happened with the other person or will happen in the coming future. Although, it is true that everyone has a different nature or different response mechanism to a situation, we all face the same problems, same moments of happiness, same moments of agony, may be in a different way. All of us have the same basic needs; we all like being pampered, are afraid of being alone, want to feel valued, want to be someone's top priority. Atleast once in life, everyone of us will fall in love, get our heart broken or break someone else's heart. Every one of us feels proud when we help someone or accomplish something in our life. When we do something wrong, all of us have that emotion of guilt inside us. All of us work hard so that we can get to a good place and provide our parents with all the good things they deserve in life; we want to make their sacrifices count. In this process, we meet these wonderful people whom we call friends. With them, we form as close bond as with our family; for each one of us, friends are a very important part of life.

    Although, we might be on a different path with a different mindset and despite having unique characteristics, when stripped down to bare human emotions, all of us are, more or less, the same.
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    I wont agree with the author. Each one of us are guided with our nurturing, Pampers, ability to understand and above all having patience at challenge time of the life. Well agony and pain would be common for all. But it wont be experienced at the same degree for every one. For the wealthy person worrying about two square meals a day wont be a challenge at all. But for a poor person he has to plan for the day to fetch that amount for having the two square meals. For the professionals earning money would be a cake walk in just minutes. But for a worker he as to toil the whole eight hours and more to get the remuneration and that too compromised.
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    As far as basic instincts are considered all of us are more and less same. I congratulate the author for using 'more and less' in such a subtle way.

    At the same time all individuals are characterised by their individual traits, habits and behavioural patterns. That is the reason why they react differently in similar situations. Some people are more intelligent then others and they have tremendous common sense and their reaction is quick but effective. The dull people also react but that is generally late by which time the intended effect is lost.

    Coming back to opening line of my post I will reiterate that with respect to basic needs, exclamations, reflex actions and spontaneous behaviour we all are more and less same.

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    All human beings can't be same. Everybody will have his own characteristics. There may be some similarities. As mentioned by Umesh basic instincts will be more or less same. But there are many other difference. Not only physical difference, behavior also will be different. A person like sweets more. Another person likes chilles more. Even in same situation two persons may react differently. Their level of IQ will be different. Their thinking pattern will be different. Their refluxes will be different. The moments we face may be same but the reactions will vary. Even the happenings in different persons life will be different. A rich man will never worry about money. But a poor man has to worry for his food also sometimes. Priorities will vary from person to person.
    In some areas all human beings may be same but differences will exist.

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    It is a very deep thought and I congratulate author for the same. I do agree on this thought. In fact, I would say that we are not more and less the same but exactly the same. Curtains of differences which we have kept in between us if removed only then we will understand that on superficial aspect we might differ from one another, but on deep internal level, we all are same. These differences make us categorize people into poor, rich, intelligent, smart etc. Once we stop seeing the differences, we will start seeing the similarities.

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