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    Is petrol and diesel are treated as essential commodities?

    As the price of fuel hikes day by day.There are many people who are using this two fuels in this country.As there are many people who use these fuels for different purpose especially for individual vehicle Transport. Even public Transport is also dependent on this fuels.So whenever there is a hike in these fuels many persons will come outside to agitate and when there is a bandh of Petrol bunks we see a large queue in Petrol bunks before or after the strike is over.Can we treat Petrol and fuel are treated as essential commodities?Please post your view on this.
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    Today our transport system is totally based on these two products namely petrol and diesel. Whether we use our car or scooter for our individual transport or take a bus every where there is a consumption of these two important commodities.

    So there is no doubt that these are essential commodities. As we know that our indigenous production of petroleum is hardly one fourth of our total consumption it is imperative that we have to import a large quantity of these two essential items.

    There is no exaggeration if we say that these commodities are as important as electricity in our house. We cannot afford any disruption in supply chain of these important items.

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    Yes I also feel that petrol and diesel has become essential commodities without which our life is going to be stand still. Either too the government was only authorized to increase the petrol prices based on crude oil price increase. But over the period of time our oil companies have been accumulated loses due to variations of prices in International market and that has forced the oil companies to review the prices of these products on daily basis and thus with the nod of government, the four oil companies are declaring the daily prices at 6 am and we have been experiencing over 7 rupee upward price variation so far. When the government was increasing the price, the opposition used to come to the roads and protest, now the oil companies are revising the prices, there is no opposition at all as the government is the indirect beneficiary too.
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    The modern day transportation system is always completely dependent on petrol, diesel or CNG. Earlier days people were using cycles for short distance travels. Even I know bullock carts, horse carts which were used for travelling short distances. But these modern days no one is going for these vehicles. All are motorised only. So the three commodities are more or less essential commodities only.
    Earlier days people used to travel very rare and where it is absolute necessity only. But now people are travelling more and more. Students going to colleges by buses. employees are travelling daily from their place to work place and back daily. So the necessity of diesel. petrol and cng has become essential only.
    They are the main contributors for pollution also. They leave lot of carbon based gases into the atmosphere and causing pollution. Vehicles operated by power are in offing. Once they come and gets more popularised I think dependence on these items will come down. Till then they are essential only.

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