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    Do not be silent on your thoughts; entertain and enlighten others with your knowledge!

    I have seen many people who have much knowledge on varied subjects and can be a mentor for many sulk and never open up in front of others for various reasons better known to them. They simply watch others progress and won't even pat them as they know it was a cake for them also to achieve that so called success. But again what is the use of having so much knowledge and talent if you don't come out to help others to enrich their knowledge. So, my request to those who are one step ahead of others is to do not detain your thoughts. Come out of self arrest; entertain and enlighten others with your views and information. Share your knowledge so that others are benefited.
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    Knowledge is to share. The one which increases by sharing is knowledge. The knowledge can't be stolen by any other person. Knowledge is friend even in foreign country. Knowledge is equal to Guru. So we should never restrict the flow of knowledge. A scholar will be honoured by even king also. But knowledge can't die down with the person. It should get passed on to another person. Then only we feel we have done justice to the knowledge.
    If somebody is not willing to share the knowledge, it is foolish. If there is a well. Somebody should take water regularly from the well. Then only the well be giving fresh water. Otherwise the well will become a waste.
    So as told by author every one should share whatever knowledge he had should see that somebody else will get benefited. Hence my sincere request to all learned people to be kind enough to share the subject with the people who require some knowledge.

    always confident

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    That is right, if someone has knowledge about a subject or topic, it should be shared. Because knowledge increase more when it is being shared and expressed with others. There is no point in only learning, if we cannot teach and help anyone. But if we teach the similar way, our knowledge will be maintained forever. So, its good to share knowledgeable things , if you have a lot. It will help the other person in any way.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    This is true and can be practised only in a forum or audience which are receptive and need and welcome your knowledge and expertise. ISC is such a forum. Here the majority audience is a passive selective audience. They become active or interactive when they get a topic or subject of their domain and knowledge. Otherwise they remain passive listeners and learners.

    But participating or addressing a uniform audience or forum of a particular commonality this should not be so. There you have to orient and adapt yourselves to that level where the audience and you can meet and they get to gain from your expertise or entertaining.

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