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    Do advertisement for a social cause will be useful to create public awarness?

    As I seen in Hyderabad there are some people who stand with placard for the sake of social cause and to create public awareness like Save the Girl Child, Rally for Rivers, eliminate Caste system from the society, Save Trees be paper less and save Environment like this many more they are giving some cell numbers beneath the slogan in that placard.What will happen if we give a missed call to this number?Do advertisement for a social cause will be useful to create public awareness?As the people who are standing outside in roads can use their energy and time for another purpose or activity which will yield for more productivity for the nation?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes I have also seen some youth lining up on the sides of the road by wearing a card board box with a message rally for the rivers. It seems some NGO organization is doing this advertisement in big way by printing placards, card board boxes and even T shirts for the participants. Well the awareness does created by seeing so many people at certain points enroute but what I feel that rally for river is not the Individual task and cannot be initiated with such kind of placard moment. The government need to be persuaded to make plans for liking rivers so that water wont be wasted by flowing into the ocean.
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    May be it works. There is a saying in Telugu, words by many people will be taken as correct. So by seeing so many people with play cards. We all know the story of innocent Brahman who believed the dog in his hand as goat when three four thieves told him that as goat. Definitely advertisement will have lot of effect on human minds. That is why lot of money is being spent on advertisements. Many NGOs are there who always promotes social causes. So they wanted money to organise their works. So they organise this kind of advertisements with donation boxes in their hand. It is serving two purposes one is adds advt and the other is collection of money.The people who are holding the play cads may be getting their daily wages.
    If there is no collection of money only play cards and they are asking us to give missed calls means somebody might have promised them for some money for each missed call they get for that NGO. This is also a way of getting money for their work and daily wages to the people who are carrying play cards.

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    Placards, pamphlets and other means of advertisements concerning social causes do bring in some awareness. Even if one, out of every ten or fifty people, who see such posters, get influenced by what is being highlighted, then the activists achieve something.

    It is about spreading awareness. Not everyone appreciates the efforts of campaigners, but if it is a worthy cause, the awareness spreads. Like minded people join the cause and do their bit. The phone numbers that you mentioned is a way to for people to connect with other people. Once the connection is made, it is easy to recruit more people.

    Sometimes, such placard initiatives and protests get picked up by the media. This helps in spreading the concerns to a larger audience. The Government machinery also takes notice and take action.

    People who join such campaigns can be either paid to do the job or are there out of choice.

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    #607782 Change the Play card as placard...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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