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    Do you support casteless politics by removing reservation for all communities?

    In India politics run mainly basing on caste, cash, religion, region etc. for the last 60 years. Politicians are playing caste and religion card for their continuous success in politics. In order to succeed this successive political parties and politicians have extended reservations up to 50% including many many caste in the reservation list. Still they want to add some more castes and religions into reservation list for their vote bank advantage but as Supreme court has kept reservation limit up to 50% they are unable to do it. At present in A.P. Kapu community agitating for inclusion of their community in reservation list. Naturally other reservation communities oppose this as they loose some percentage of their reservation. Mr.Jayaprakash Narayan President of Loksatta, a social reform organization has put a lot of debate that instead of giving reservation in jobs provide best amenities for education and economic support for the reserved category and promote real growth of the individuals. Yesterday another newly entered political party Jana Sena President Cine star Mr.Pavan Kalyan aired the view that it is time to remove reservations for caste less politics. Folks, please debate the issue with providing proper reasons.
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    Yes I support it but the net of reservation is become large so its very difficult task for any Government but best hope is Modi ji. Modi ji can do anything but this will be biggest risk to do something on this.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I totally agree that this is the right time to caste based reservation in our country. No party dares to remove it for the sake of their vote bank. There is a need to make some changes in our constitution by adding that no party can implement reservation system based on caste system. On one hand the same leader advocates to maintain equality, they stress on equal social status but on the other hand they also advocate for reservation. If one is getting preference because of his caste then how can he even expect to get treated equally.
    This is the right time to remove caste based reservation system. Either government should provide facilities or basis of reservation should be changed to financial condition instead of caste because poverty know no religion and caste.

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    Yes I totally support caste-less politics and reservations in any format must be removed in every sector and departments so that only merit takes the front seat and only toppers have the say. What is the use of scoring state rank and being forward caste person in the present scenario not even getting to the admission stage of higher courses. Virtually in the garb of reservations, plum posts and seats are hijacked by citing caste system and reservation there off and those who have really made it to top with sheer hard work and excellence has been reduced to donkey in the present system.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Almost all of us want caste-less politics, but short-sighted, power-hungry political leaders don't want this to happen. The young generation has to take responsibility to force those self-serving leaders to initiate caste-less politics.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I do support cashless politics by removing reservation for all communities but question is whether it is really possible.
    Though it appears very strange that even after so much years of independence, political parties fight in elections on the agenda of reservation and not on the development issue. Moreover the purpose for which reservation was made earlier does not actually reach the needy and the benefit is taken by creamy layer of reserved communities.
    In the end I can only say that practically it is not feasible to remove reservation for all communities unless and until all political parties unite on this to remove it.

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    All intellectual people wish this to happen in India. A person with 40% marks and just cut off marks in entrance test in the name of reservations enjoying his life. A person with 95% marks in the qualifying exam and a better rank in the entrance test is standing outside the gate of college and counting the steps from his place to class room in the college. What is the difference. The first category person has got in his caste reservation but second one's caste is not having any reservation . This is the fate in our country. It happened earlier, It is happening now. It will happen later also. This is the fate of young generation born in the country to the parents of a particular caste. No merit is required. But there is no hope for a caste less society with no reservations in India. Even Jay Prakash Narayana comes to power he can't do it. This is the vote bank politics. In telangana the reservations to Muslims will be increased and in AP kapus will be brought under reservations. No end to it. Many times I get irritated to think about these conditions in India. Nobody can change the procedure. By any chance somebody does it, he will lose in elections and the winner will bring in. So let us not have day dreams and let us not forget that we are in a country where the vote politics play an important role and no unity in the so called Ocs.
    always confident

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