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    Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So forget the past , live for today with happiness.

    For many of us life has become more challenging and even miserable with failures and sad moments. That previous day happenings would be dogging our mind and we go to sleep with much regrets. Again when we wake up , we are up with regrets and demotivated mode. So forget the past , and what has happened is the finished story. Live for today which is happening and trending in our life. Live the life with full enjoyment and utmost presence. Tomorrow need not be worried. At least go to sleep for today with contended , achievement and success.
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    Life is to enjoy and life is to live happily. Enjoy and happiness are two relative terms. Eating out is very happy to me. But eating in a five star hotel is happy for another person. To go to a movie is an enjoyment for one but for another person going to bar and having whisky is enjoyment. They are purely in your hand.
    Some times we may not be able to do whatever we want and that day we feel that we got deceived. We start thinking about that failure and forget to do what we have to do today. Instead of thinking and worrying about what happened yesterday, forget about the fast and be in today's life. It will give you better happiness and joy. Live in present.

    always confident

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