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    Regarding : Puzzle: The villager who solved the milk puzzle, can we?

    Original Thread: Puzzle: The villager who solved the milk puzzle, can we?

    Unfortunately, the original thread got locked even before I could confirm the answer. The puzzle was not as simple as it seemed, it required few calculations. If it was easy I wouldn't have posted.

    #607768 : This answer is not right, "The villager has poured half milk in the can of 7 liters and half of the milk in the can of 3 liters and thus he managed to share 3.5 plus 1.5 liters equally as five liters."

    Reason being it's only an assumption that milk in 7L might be half. It's just a rough estimate that the milk which is poured is half. It had to be an exact calculation. Roughly it takes 7 steps to divide it exactly into the half.

    Hint: Initially the cans would be

    CANS: 10L 7L 3L
    First Step 10 0 0
    Second Step: 3 7 0

    Final should be 5 5 0 or 5 3 2 or 5 0 5.

    So, we need to divide it like this. Whoever solves it in minimum steps is the winner.
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    Initially you have 3 cans. 10L in one can. 7L can and 3L can.
    fill 3 L can with milk and pour it in 7L can. Fill another 3L in the 3L can. Pour it into 7L can. Now the position is 7 L can is having 6L and 4L in 10 L can. Put another 3L in 3L can and fill 7L can from 3L can. Now the position is like this. You have 7L in one can 2 Liters in one can and 1L in another can. Now completely transfer 7L from 7L can to 10 L can. Now you have 8L in big can and 2 L in 3L can. Put 2L milk which is in 3L can and fill 3L can from 8L in 10L can. So in 10L can have 5 liters and 2l in 7L can and 3L in 3l can. Mix 3L also in 7L can. So now you will have 5L in 10L can and another 5L in 7L can.
    I think this is correct.

    always confident

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    Yes, you are right Dr. Rao, you completed it in 9 steps. Awesome!

    10 0 0
    1)7 0 3
    2)7 3 0
    3)4 3 3
    4)4 6 0
    5)1 6 3
    6)1 7 2
    7)8 0 2
    8)8 2 0
    9)5 2 3

    Let's see if we can reduce it further!

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