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    Can BRICS survive if there is political rivalry between India and China?

    Will BRICS survive despite rivalry between India and China? Give your opinions in this political thread.

    We have seen the fate of SAARC now. It got weakened because of the rivalry between India and Pakistan. Last year many countries boycotted SAARC summit in Pakistan. In fact, China wants SAARC to be weakened.

    Now, similar is the fate of BRICS because of rivalry between India and China. China has taken a step back in Doklam issue as it thought India might boycott the BRICS summit in China. In fact, US wants BRICS to be weakened.

    Do you think BRICS can survive if there is political rivalry between India and China?
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    BRICKS actually a platform to see that our rivalry with China will come down. But practically it will not happen. China behaved a little wise and taken a back step in Doklam issue to save BRICKs. US really don't want any other country to become strong as they may create a threat to them. The other countries also know this. My opinion is we should have strong relations with other counties in BRICKs and see that they all will vote against china. It will give a good impressions to other countries and Pakistan will also get a lesson.
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    China, unlike Pakistan, is a mature nation-state, although it has an expansionist agenda. But the country is firmly on the path of capitalist way of accumulation of wealth although the political leadership is stated to be communist. So, it would definitely destroy BRICS because of its rivalry with India for a few hundred square kilometers. The same is applicable for India except India doesn't have any expansionist agenda.

    So, BRICS will go on progressing.

    (This is my personal opinion.)

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    Yes, Rivalry between the two nation India and China if continuous can cause a problem for groups like BRICS. But it is also known fact that such groups involve interests of both the nation and both of them don't want to lose such interests so it's unlikely to have an end of such group because of few jostlings at the border of the countries.
    It's been more than 7 decades that both the nations have gone through such small jostlings and then back again on the track of friendly relations.
    And also China doesn't have kind of animosity that India and Pakistan have which leads to the recent condition of SAARC and its boycotts by various member nations.

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    Now US is uncomfortable with China, as Pakistan has discarded the US totally and showing much allegiance with China and being the immediate neighbor to Pakistan, that country feels that in the event of impending danger, China can tame India.. In that high hope there is a rivalry between Indian and Pakistan and India and China. In this back drop the BRICS summit has no significance as India would be raising the concern over intrusion of China into its borders for no reason and that would put the China in black face among the other countries. So US is creating cozy atmosphere for India to be near with that and that is going to be future too.
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    Mr. Mohan: Does Pakistan has such military, diplomatic, political or economic power to 'discard'any country, leave alone the US. Pakistan is basically like a street dog, it goes on begging. If a person gives a morsel of food, it goes along with him. China has give Pakistan a morsel of food, so, it is trying to go with China.
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