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    Why choose only one hue when there are lots in the nature

    'What kind of a person are you? Want to know? Tell me your favourite colour or fruit or music genre or type of dress or flower or number... I will tell you to which category you belong to.' Many of you might have faced the above said question. If you like red you have strong will. if it is blue you have your own rules, green lovers are safety lovers.... OK. What if I like a rainbow? What if I like not just one fruit but seasonal fruits? What if I enjoy all genres of music depending upon my mood.

    One of my friends said 'then you are not a strong minded person. You can't take firm decisions.' Well I have the bad reputation of not changing my decisions. My question is why should we belong to only one set of personality type when we have lots of emotions and experience vivid feelings? At times we will be stubborn and in some occasions we also change decisions for the sake of our people. We openly express some feelings to all while we also hide some feelings from our dearest ones or soul mates. We laugh, We cry, We jump, we fall, we yell, we stay calm, we love, we like, we hate, we scold, we bear, we fight, we compromise.

    Just like nature we do have lots of hues of emotions and personality traits, then can we judge a person depending on the things he enjoys? Why should we in fact?

    Dear friends what's your opinion?
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    Very true. Personality is not a static thing. We change with the passage of time. We react differently depending upon our moods. So far as colour is concerned, I like different colours during at different time. So, we must not be allowed to choose a single colour. We must not get compartmentalized. during our life-journey.
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    It is correct. Our life is not static. It wil be always moving. As time passes our thinking and likings will vary from time to time. Our reaction to any question will vary from time to time. It definitely depends on the state of our mind. So it is difficult to judge a person by a single question and single colour.
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    Why choose only one hue when there are lots in the nature, well the author notion may be true from her point of view but it varies from person to person. People are seen with different thinking level and their behavior are highly influenced by the others in the society. A person is closely watched by the detractors and trouble makers and they simply divert him without even knowing that he is doing wrong for him. In that situation we cannot expect one hue from the same person. Those who have strong will power and wont heed to others that easily, they are not going to change their preferences.
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    Every person has his own Lifestyle and the way of thinking. This makes a person particularly susceptible to certain things in life and is not affected by many other things. These are the traits by which a person is distinguished in the society. We know that he will do this we also know that he will not do that.
    A particular person may not be open to all the things in life. He may not accept many situations, he may not agree too many propositions and eventually he may not enjoy all the hues of life.

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    I think, behavior of a person is not fully dependent on personality. It depends on the situations through which one's life passes. Many things such as one's performance in school and at works, his relationship with family/ friends, life satisfaction and emotional wellbeing, physical health, longevity etc. are entirely determined by the situations through which the person is undergoing, that is life's circumstances.
    While taking important decisions (potentially difficult decision) in one's life such as choosing a life partner, personality of the individual plays very important role. Choosing a spouse who is kind, responsible, and emotionally resilient improve the chances of stable marriage. Personality traits are most powerful predictors of long term relationship qualities.
    Personalities of individuals are gradually changing over long span of time. Most adults become more agreeable, matured and emotionally resilient as they age. These changes are taking place over decades or long years. We don't know the causes of these changes.

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    Good insight into who we are. Even we at times struggle to understand who we ourselves are.
    Each of us sub-consciously have different hues everyday, for example home - depending on who is at home we behave and interact differently. just observe you kid with his or her playmate, siblings, grandparents, relatives and visitors at home

    2. at work - depend on the atmosphere of the office, mood of our colleagues and bosses we interact in different ways

    3. with friends - with best friends and old classmate with interact still as a college student without inhibitions

    One's behavior and outlook depends on many things. All of use i'm sure, will remember from our school or college days - some were 'chatterboxes' , 'silent types',' 'moody', bubbly etc. Yet the same people would have change a great deal after marriage, family, responsibilities etc. It would be safe to say who we are and what personality type we are depends on
    1. our upbringing
    2. our education from school to university
    3.our immediate circle of frieds
    4. our neighbourhood
    5. our peers, heroes and idol who we dream of
    6. our spouse and lastly
    7. the atmosphere at that given time ( a social event, after a heated argument, a set back, a loss etc)

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    I agree with the author and what a lovely way of expressing human emotions and behaviour. Its correct that sometimes people judge each other based on their color liking's , based on their choices to be either calm or extra excited, some people even start judging through various quiz on social media. There is just no point to decide about anything based on such stupid facts. Because we human beings always go through a changing behaviour. We behave according to our surroundings and situations. We have multiple set of emotions.
    We beautifully express each set of emotion in the required situation, "Human being is a social animal", and also we like to have a certain amount of happiness around us to live a life of contentment.

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