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    Traffic woes are increasing day by day

    Have a solution to resolve the bane of traffic woes in India? Give your ideas and useful suggestions in this forum thread.

    India is a populous country. Everyone is trying to have his own conveyance whether scooter or bike or car. We are manufacturing a good number of these machines in our factories and daily a large number of them are adding to the already existing big fleet.

    Under this scenario, soon a time will come when there will be no parking place and even driving in markets will be impossible.

    How our civic bodies are going to tackle this situation? Are there any solutions to these gigantic challenges?

    Members can give their views please.
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    Yes traffic woes are increasing day by day. Those who were having cycles were promoting themselves with two wheeler or scooter, and those who hare having two wheeler are buying cars for their daily commuting. The authorities can come with definite solutions as suggested by me to mitigate traffic woes. First those who are single owner and driving the car must not come on the road. That means a single person would be occupying the space of four two wheeler persons which is nothing but encroaching road. And when the need arise only the owners must opt for the car ride. In a colony if the people are going to almost same place of work, they must pool the car and go in routing so that so many cars from same colony need not be driven on the roads. Over and above using public transport widely would be best way to minimize traffic woes.
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    Only a few days back I had a dream. I dreamt that all people of India own cars and one day, almost all people decided to take their own cars. Handful of people like me preferred walking. I was perspiring in my dream seeing the condition of the Ring Road of Delhi. Even the pedestrians couldn't walk.
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    The traffic problem is becoming chaotic day by day. Not only the big cities but the smaller cities also are facing this problem.
    With the increase of life-style and purchasing power of the people, almost every person living in towns and cities and even in villages, longs for owning a vehicle of his own. It would not only add to his social status but also make it easier to commute conveniently between different places .
    The condition of the roads are not improving to cope with the increased traffic and as a result, there is traffic jams in most of the busy places and the number of accidents are also increasing rapidly.

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    We need better public transport system, only then will the traffic on the roads decrease. Developed countries offer commuters a streamlined public transport system. It is safe, it is reliable, it is affordable, it is clean and it is convenient. In these countries, only the ultra-rich own cars and the charge on driving through cities is quite high. In many countries vehicle owners are fined for being the only person in the car – they encourage sharing/carpooling.

    We need better infrastructure in our country. Thankfully, the government is working towards it, by building Metro Rails and Rapid Transport System. But, we still have a long way to go.

    Maintaining a car is becoming increasingly costly. Hiring a cab is more economical and people are coming to realise this. But, then owning a vehicle is a status symbol for us. Buying a bike or a car is like announcing our financial status to our relative and neighbours. Where else do you have people distributing sweets to share their happiness on buying a vehicle?

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    Traffic problems are increasing day by day. Earlier days we used to have this problem only in big cities. But now it is spreading to all places. Our infrastructure is not geared up in proportion with population. This is the main problem for this traffic jams. Added to this people on the road want to reach their destination very fast. So they don't care about the traffic rules. If every body follows traffic rules and systematic 50% of the problems will get sorted out. So to come out of these problems people awareness in traffic rules should increase and everyone should follow the rules scrupulously.
    The next point to be considered is infrastructure development. The roads should be widened and should be well organised. The law should be more stringent on people who violate the rules.
    Then all other well known remedies are, using public transport, car pooling and using bicycles for short distance travels.

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