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    Drop in Adsense revenue

    I have been observing this trend for the past few months now. My Adsense revenue falls at the beginning of each month. It picks up by the end of the first week and peaks towards the end of the month, only to fall again when the new month begins.

    I also notice less traffic during weekends.

    Is this a common phenomenon or is it something that is happening to my accounts. Has anyone else noticed a similar trend?
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    Yes. It is common to all publishers who earn money through adsense. The possible reason is, the effect of advertisers. Normally advertisers set their CPC low in the beginning of month and set a little bit higher towards the end to adjust their advt budget. The traffic trend in the weekend is low for all educational sites while the entertainment sites get huge traffic in those days, because people spend more time on entertainment during holidays. Hope your will get the point!


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    So from the editors point of view the members must share articles based on education and entertainments so that the whole month the adsense would be constant and earnings would be stable. Thanks for the cue.
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    Thank you, that makes so much sense. I observed a distinct pattern and you have provided the most plausible reason.

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    In any business there is seasonal spike in visitors like Holi, Diwali, New years, etc Shops get lot of visitors during those festivals. Same thing happen in online world. There is seasonal spike during festivals for certain keywords.
    Same thing happen to educational websites as well. Spike in visitors during certain months like june-july-august as these months are for people searching for admissions etc. You can check seasonal spike google trends. If you search diwali on it
    As per your stats every month there is less visitors and it increases during as month progress. It may be due to advertisers are managing their adword campaign and fine tune it to get most visitors. If they don't spend budget allocated in first week, they increase cpc of their campaign to get more visitors. So, they finish budget at the end of month. Hence to get more traffic to their sites.

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    @Jebaprincy - My apologies for addressing you by someone else's name. Vandana sent me a message about the error.
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