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    We all use the face powder which called Talcum powder or talc. What does it mean ?

    Everybody is familiar with face powder which is expressly called talcum powder or talc. Right from my childhood I had the doubt regarding , what is the meaning of talc. Is that a stone, or is it a natural product or some chemical formulation and combination in powder form. How come some talcum powder are sandalwood based ? Members who are aware of the fact can explain to me in ordinary language without using any scientific terms. By the way are you using the face powder and if yes for what purpose ?
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    Not everyone uses talcum powder on the face. It is a common practice (only) in Tamil Nadu and maybe a few neighbouring states. I have not seen people in other parts of India or the world apply talcum powder on the face, the way people in Tamil Nadu do. Everywhere else talcum powder is used on the body.

    As far as I know, talcum powder was traditionally made from clay and stone. The process might have changed now. Talcum powders come in various fragrances and these (I think) are chemical or artificial fragrances that are added to the talcum powder. Some manufacturers might use essential oils in the powder or actual sandalwood powder or powdered rose or jasmine petals among other things, but it is not a common practice. Most fragrances are artificially created.

    For information, 'stone' is also a natural product.

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    Talcum powder mostly come from soapstone, of course with many additives to give the fragrance. Most people use it for the underarms and some for the face. No I don't use it for the face, In summer I find using some of the common brands for prickly heat helps. There are reports that it can have adverse health affects by inhalation. Rest may the experts can add on!

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    Juana may I know what kind of powder are used in North India so that additional information can be generated through this post.
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    There is difference between Talcum Powder and Face Powder.Talcum powder is usually put on the skin to make it feel smooth or to help to stay dry.It has a pleasant smell.Some times we use Talcum Powder on face also.Face Powder is only applied on face.We don't use it on body.It is costlier than Talcum Powder.It is also softer than Talcum Powder.
    It contains pleasant smell as Talcum Powder. It is also made from talc.But it is more purified.

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    A talc is a fine powdered mineral with a soft soapy feel. It contains hydrated magnesium silicate. It is used in a variety of products including talcum powder. Talcum powder and face powder are basically contains talc and other additional aromas are added to give the fragrance. Talcum powder is a little rough and face powder is very fine. In the process of making face powder, we get talcum powder also. Generally they use talcum powder on various wetting places of the body. But face powder is applied to face. Sandal powder is added to talc and talcum powder is made. That will give sandal smell. In the manufacturing process they may use natural aromas or artificially made chemicals which give the required smell can also be used. Even in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana people use face powder to face as a part of their make up. Recently some companies started suing activated calcium carbonate or precipitated calcium carbonate as a filler in talcum powder also. This point I heard but not sure. Activated Calcium Carbonate is used as filler in tooth powders and tooth pastes. As far as I know no clay is there in talcum powder or face powder. But magnesium silicate is available as mineral. That mineral will be used.
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    People in the North (if at all they do) use talcum powder only on the body, as it is meant to be used - on the chest and back, on the neck and under the arms, and maybe in the groin. It is never applied on the face, the way it is done in the South.

    While talcum powder is loose, face powder is commonly available in a cake form in a compact. It is hard and pressed and you need a special compact sponge/applicator to spread the powder on the face. It is a makeup accessory, and is generally used by women Men won't be seen dead with face powder.

    These days you get different variants of face powders, which are loose, just like talc, but these are again makeup items, and mostly used by those in the glamour industry. They come in small jars and are applied using special makeup brushes and sometimes special gadgets. And as Indu mentioned, such makeup items are expensive.

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