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    Racist comments and repeated violations

    Dear members,

    After a lot of discussions and thoughts, we have decided to remove one of the senior members of this site. This member has been involved in a lot of name calling and agressive attitude several times and have been suspended a couple of times. This time, the member has gone beyond the limits and have accused ISC and some of the senior members with racist comments. Considering the member is very well aware of the seriousness of such comments, we have made a decision to suspend the member indefinitely from this site.

    Let's make ISC a cordial place for us to have peaceful discussions.
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    It is a stern action and I welcome it. It also serves to send out a strong message. The post in question was indeed nasty. The said member has been making too many personal jibes and the posts were no longer 'issue' related but were direct (personal) attacks.
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    I think this is very reasonable. Issues can be discussed. But personal attacks by names and other remarks will unnecessarily create problems. That is not at all good for the site also. I feel the action taken is apt. People should be intolerable limits. As mentioned in #608010, it will give a message to others also.
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    What I suggest that our webmaster should randomly visit the site and see for the posts being contributed by the members so that he can take any strict action on the spot without other members pointing out the action to be taken against the erring member. Now that the action as been taken, it is a tutorial for all that they have to behave nicely and mind their own business and never abuse any member for no reason. What I suggest that if the member raises a post, and if some one wants to register their protest of abuse against the post, such responses must be withheld subject to the viewing and approval from the webmaster in future.
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    ISC has taken the right decision. But let us know who is that member. I want to know because being a senior member how can he post such negative comments.

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    A doubt remains in my mind about the earlier posts of a member who gets suspended later. The doubt is what will be the status of these posts ? Will these be available in the back files ?
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    Good decision if the events are true.
    1.We are all members of this society to share and enhance one's knowledge and experience.
    2.We have had a certain level of education and responsibility in the society
    3. Most forums and blog sites have a 'do not cross the line' events that attract stringent actions
    4. This commonly includes - racial comments and personal malaice
    5. We have freedom of expression but certainly no right to be racially inclined or personal attacks
    6. If there is a sensitive issue to be raised or commented that can be potentially instigating or volatile then it should be addressed as a mail to the webmaster or moderator or editor for further action.

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    I sincerely welcome this decision by our Web Master. Tolerance has a limit. If someone tries to test the tolerance of someone, the end result would be fatal. I can understand that member who repeatedly attacked ISC admin and its members and now shown the exit gate. At times I too made fun out of his thread and wondered the silent ISC admin.

    Let the member play his own violin with a sorrowful note.

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    This is a virtual world where the members have joined to exchange their views, to learn something from the others and also to earn a few bucks. Then where's the need of name calling or making vulgar comments?
    If someone does so and repeatedly breaks the rules set by the administrators, then it is better to get rid of that member so that the site may remain neat and clean.
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    Ms. Mitra: That may not be the complete picture. I humbly request you not to make comments hearing the version from one side. It is true that the suspended Member did make objectionable comments, but I feel that he could not properly explain the injustice/bad treatment meted out to him consistently by one of the Editors.

    So, let us leave it there and let us not make any comment on the decision of the Webmaster. In any case, our comments will not influence/affect/change the decision.

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    I welcome the decision of webmaster. If you have suspended couple of times you have to be careful in future. Every member have a right to raise a issue of injustice but in a legal way. For example recently Ms. Juana has raise the issue of RSB and many members will be benefited in the future. Ms. Juana did not comment of editors or webmaster. She raise the issue in forum and ultimately technical problem find out.
    So, overall I welcome the decision of webmaster.

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    Discipline and adherence to rules, regulations and policies is the back bone of any organisation whether in real world or virtual.

    If these characteristics are not honoured by its employees or members then the organisation will be on the verge of collapse and only reasonable step for management in those unfortunate times is to punish the erring ones.

    Anyway it is entirely the prerogative of the management and we have not joined ISC through some written examination or interview or contract that we can charge them for their decision.

    Another important thing which is to be noted is that at the time of signing up in ISC we accept the terms and conditions of this virtual portal in totality and how can we stand up against any of those subsequently.

    I have no favour or more affinity with ISC relative to other members but we should be vigilant and careful in those aspects when we join any such site voluntarily.

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    Umesh made a reference to accepting the terms & conditions of the site when we register as members. With reference to this, refer to Terms of Use. If any ISCian has not read the terms of use to date, please do so right away, especially the text with bullet points which appears under the heading of "To use the site, you agree you will not...."
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    As I was not very regular in the last few weeks, I am still guessing...

    But to say in a general term, any establishment need to keep and maintain discipline. Those who are part of it also are bound to comply the norms laid out or implied. This is applicable universally. Implementing discipline, even to the dislike of a few,can only boost the morale and confidence of the majority law abiding people. I feel that discipline and compliance only benefits all except those who disregard the rules and discipline.

    Many times leniency is mistaken for weakness and encourages more violations. That leniency may lead to more drastic situations. A stitch in time saves nine. An illness symptom when ignored can lead to a contagious situation and may need a more costly sanitation and salvaging apart from trauma from unavoidable surgery.

    Hence, I welcome the action of webmaster.

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