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    Defect in our revenue sharing system

    Dear members,

    Based on a complaint reported in this thread, I did some investigation on our revenue sharing system. During my initial investigation, I didn't find anything wrong in our system but since Juana insisted that she is right and the system could be wrong, I did a detailed investigation. I did spent numerous hours and checked several profiles to see if there is any problem in our system.

    I just discovered that we had a flaw in our system. In our revenue sharing calculations (all time in the past), we were not including the points earned during the first day of the month. Our Revenue Sharing System was always calculating the points from the second day of the month to the last day of the month. All the points earned on the first day of the month are excluded from the calculations due to an inadvertent error in our algorithm.

    ISC has not benefited from this error in any manner. We were still sharing the same amount to the members. However, some of that money will have gone to non-deserving members or and some of the deserving members may have been left out or received a lower amount.

    I am fixing this error now in our system. However, I do not have a viable solution to go back and fix this problem since it will affect all our past revenue share awards. We have decided to allow the members who received the excess amount to keep with them.

    The members who were left out or have received the lower amount, the only thing we can do now is to apologise to them.
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    It is very nice to know that the webmaster has taken a complaint by a member very seriously and investigated the system of calculating the revenue bonus to various members. Ultimately finding out the problem in the system and openly declaring that there is a flaw in the system is a good example for the openness of this channel. I appreciate him for his hardwork. People who got less points on 1st of every month might have been benefited and people who got higher points on that date might have lost. However it nice to see that the fact is accepted and declared. Thanks to the webmaster.
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    I t's so kind that the webmaster is agreeing the mistake which is done by system error

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    I never thought about such problem. However, like all other Members, I am happy to note that this problem is going to be sorted out.
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    Such a confession by the Webmaster in the open forum speaks volume of the transparency of the prestigious site.
    It is bound to increase the trust level of the site.

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    Actually no software is full proof. That's why software testing plays important role in any business.
    I am pleased to see such important message is conveyed to us in this manner.


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    Here Webmaster can place another 'if condition' to apologize for the members for those who contribute from the first day up to last day of the month there the software is erroneous as mentioned, that is, if the member's contribution for the first day is zero and the remaining days he earned points, he can still be placed in the top 20 (probability is there), then the software is not erroneous and those people might not be affected with this software error.
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    Good to see our Webmaster Tony John finding the defect in our revenue sharing system. Hope he will set it right at the earliest. Let us forget the past RSB losses and benefits, and start with new RSB.
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    A very Big Thank You to Juana. It is only because of her persistence that the flaw was discovered. I earnestly think the Webmasters should reward her. Thanks to her, from now on the hard working members will get the RSB as per what they truly deserve due to their quality contributions.
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    It is so nice of you webmaster Tony for investigating defect in the revenue sharing system. And thanks to Juana for raising the issue which prompted Tony to initiate corrective measure.
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    Good to know that you have found some bug in the system and shared with us in such a transparent manner.

    Assuming an average activity during all days in a month, the maximum loss to a deserving member will be 1/30 th of the monthly revenue multiplied by the weight it is given for calculation of RSB.

    Amount wise it may not be big but may include or exclude some members in RSB list specially those who are at the boundary.

    Anyway these mathmatical computations in computer programs and algorithms are prone to bugs and create lot of problem in their identification.

    Now it is solved and members are happy. All is well that ends well.

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    Very good to know that you are taking pain on the complaint and trying to rectify at your end.

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    Excellent post that reflects
    1.accepting one's view point without bias
    2.passion to resolve the issue
    3. honesty and
    4. integrity in sharing the flaw even though the site hasn't profited by this error.
    Congrats on sharing the details.

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    It is heartening to know that you actually paid heed to my complaint and did not dismiss it. Thank you for that. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into getting to the root of the problem. Members stand to gain from your mammoth effort, with a little contribution from yours truly.

    My only grouse is that it wasn't done earlier and that the RSB announcement, for the month, wasn't withdrawn and/or payments kept on hold, till the issue was resolved. I think I am justified in making this statement because I, probably, am the only one, who missed receiving a payment because of the faulty system.

    Nevertheless, the outcome is positive and that is how everyone sees it.

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    This is what I like about this site, is that here Administration are so friendly that he share everything, good plus the bad things, this site never hide anything from members, I feel so lucky to be here with you all.
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    I have left this website for a long time. Now, I am new to ISC. However, whatever correction of flaw done by Tony sir is impartially helpful to contributors.

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    I used to get RSB earlier when I was an active member at ISC and I do not know care whether IwI was a victim of the faulty system. What made me happy was this post from the admin team. Kudos to the team for finding the root cause and fixing it. The hard work of the members need to be rewarded properly and effeciently.
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