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    Is India on the losing side in Re-alignment scheme of world ?

    India's primary focus now must be in the Great Game east being played out in the Asia often considered to be cold war of 21st century. The center of The Great Game east is also Afghanistan. But this time unlike Cold war era during which India was known to have close relations with Soviet Union there seems to be strategic shift in the Indian Policy circles by Bon Homie with U.S. In the Great Game east unlike cold war Trans Pacific region is the scene of battle unlike Trans Atlantic during Cold War.
    The alignment is getting clear.
    India, US and some remnant NATO allies on one side and Pakistan, Soviet Union and Chinese and their allies on the other side. The battle is clearly drawn. Be it IS or North Korean Issue the new Bon homie between China and Russia is seen blatantly. U.S. is slowly losing its hegemonic clout and at this time India has allied with U.S. instead of emergent Russia. Like Soviet defeat in 1989 after 10 years of its Afghan campaign by which time it pulled out its forces U.S. is now retreating after more than a decade of fighting since 2001 in Afghanistan. Russia- China dominated SCO has started to replace NATO in Afghanistan.
    At this time Geo-Politics of Global warming is favoring Russia by opening Arctic (Recently Russia was able to circumscribe Arctic without Ice Breakers which was impossible 2 years ago). So Is India on wrong side of the re-alignment? Is it a period of rise for Pakistan in its diplomatic battles?
    Finally any nation's foreign policy alignment is to be with its domestic economic objectives and National aspirations in mind.But it remains a puzzle to why U.S. which is having economic polices that may harm Indian interest is chosen rather in the scheme of things. India based organisations like SAARC and NAM were also losing their influence unlike cold war during which NAM enjoyed considerable influence vetoing U.S and Russian dominance because of Indo- Pak rivalry. But Pakistan never wanted these organisations (NAM and SAARC) to be strong which it seemed favored Indian interests. Pakistan is actually looking for demise of SAARC particularly where Indian influence is very strong. India seems to pursue short term goals with longer scheme of things which might take place for a decade in sidelined.
    Friends. So what is your opinion on Indian position in Great Game east.
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    It is too early to comment on this issue ("Great Game East"). But, yes, as a student of IR, I do feel that new power equation is being developed in the world and India has been playing a pivotal role in the new equation among nation-states. It is really good for India, because now the country is mature enough to look beyond Pakistan, China, the USSR (Russia) and the USA. Our cosy and fast-developing relationship with Israel and Japan (randomly mentioned as examples) points to that direction.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A great insight into India status in the ever changing Geo-political game of chess where moves and counter moves are made to gain the upperhand, stay in the game and finally win.

    Certainly I remember those school and college days wherein we learnt that India and its neighbours are puppets in the hands of the superpowers ( USA and USSR), we are dependent on the world bank grants. We've come a long way wherein we are gurdging recognised as a economic power to be recokened by our neighbours and the declining so called superpowers. Many feel that once India's quest for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council is successful our position will become much stronger.

    I'm not an expert on geo-politics of Asia but as a common if one were to see judge strengths and weakness of India it would include

    1. Unique blend of various religions, cultures and skills
    2. Natural resources
    3. gorwing economy and trade

    1. Rapid urbanisation
    2. Growing population
    3. Lack of unity across parties when it comes to putting aside difference for the interest of the Nation as one
    4. Corruption
    5. lack of civic sense and accountability
    5. Wide rich-poor gap
    6. Frequent tensions between China and Pakistan

    If the official and political machinery decide to focus on enhancing our strengths and improving our weakness, I'm sure our country can scale great heights as the people of India want to change for the better.

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    Who said that India is on the loosing side of realignment world? In fact never than before India has been in limelight and much sought after partner across the globe , thanks to the regular visit of our PM Narender Modi and strengthening bonds with many countries. When the situation is bleak with our enemy neighbors Pakistan and China., now the strategy of India is to take help of US in the event of any war and in that case Russia is also with us. So Pakistan is the looser as China wont take risk of war as it knows that in the event of war more deaths would be possible by virtue of its over population.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India and its foreign policy, an interesting subject. When USSR was in existence everybody thought that it will equal its power with US. The whole world may be divide in to two parts. Pro US and Pro USSR. But we all know because of their own political issues USSR is no more existing and they got divided in to various Nations. As such Russia has lost its importance that it had at one time.
    Another point I want to make is India is trying to have good relations with all the countries. Earlier US was not so eager to have us with them. But later the situation changed and US is trying to have good relations with us. That speaks about the position of our country. The tremendous respect our PM received during his visits to US is the reason for my above statement. Earlier many times our PMs visited US but so much importance was never given
    As such I don't think India is on losing side on realignment Scheme. It is actually making a balanced efforts to bring peace and terror free world by keeping good relations with all the countries.

    always confident

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