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    Illuminatiam Official Organization is a scam

    Dear ISCians,

    it's been a while since I haven't posted anything in the forum section. I wrote reviews for Blue Whale, and Illuminati.

    The main purpose of this thread is that most of our Indian brothers are intrigued to join Illuminati and had been communicating on Twitter with @Illuminatiam. They have a verified account but that doesn't mean they exist. There are many Illuminated groups, with different kinds of secret knowledge. Anything false I say about them (Illuminati doesn't exist) will be a false statement for some of the Illuminati, but true for others. This only adds to confusion and mystery.

    It took some months to prove them false. Finally, after I submitted my request to join the said organization on 20 August but received a welcome message on 20 of September. I expected to be contacted by a MASK man but oh... I was contacted by Anikita, one of the fake staff. The welcome message read "J. D. Sangtam,
    The Illuminati welcomes you. We hold you, a citizen of our shared planet, in the highest esteem. We are always watching you".

    They also have a New Testament, TV commercial, Talisman, and random message to citizens. The vague thing is why a highly secret society openly recruit members online from their Even if the Secret Society exist, some of them are non human and Aliens and nobody knows or are able to communicate them directly. Now the Secret Society is online. What a joke. Is this fishy? Yes, they are scams. They are internet marketer who are trying to make 90% profit on the web by making a fool to innocent ne'er-do-well who want to become rich. I ain't one.

    After I received the first email (A copy-cat email) from the website content, I was asked to buy a Talisman of Light to show my loyalty to them. What? I can't afford to eat a breakfast at tea stall and I should spend $29.99 for that talisman necklace? The Third email asked me to buy the New Testament of Illuminati to learn their history, symbols, memberships levels and my role in that organization. Their testament is available for $9.19 dollars. I patched and by-passed Amazon Kindle purchases and downloaded the New Testament at $0.00. What I was expecting was big since it cost nine dollars and what I found was I felt myself stupid. The book was nothing than the clone of their website contents, symbol images, and links to their social networks.

    The Illuminatiam is a scam. Never give a try. The original secret society organization is highly confidential. Nobody knows where they exists and you're only invited join them if they choose you. There is no way to join that organization in any mode.

    Any comments are appreciated.
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    This post once again testifies and cautions every one that we should not become associated or member with any organization which is unknown nor referred by any body.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks to the author for enlightening us on Illuminatiam official organisation. This is in way good for the people who are eager to join in all sorts of groups for time pass and sitting before the system or seeing always smart phone for fun. Everyone should be careful and see that unnecessarily the get in to trap.
    always confident

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    Illuminatiam Official Organization: I haven't heard of this organization, now is this similar to Blue Whale game?

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    Nope... It's a mansory organization that exists since the 17th century. However, their original organization is highly secret and members are confidential. There is an official twitter and website that claims that they are Illuminatiam.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    This is really a useful source of information that we should be cautious of all such virtual organizations and should never trust them. As Mohan Sir said, that we should not believe on anything that is coming from an unknown source.
    But I do not believe this , that they are existing since 17th century, because I don't believe that people at that time could also do such stupid stuff and could have this capability of running such sort of scams ?

    Do what inspires you !!

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    John, the very fact that you made an attempt to join this group is testament to the fact that the efforts of people behind this is not going waste. Can you tell us why you tried to join? Was it to test their veracity or was it because you wanted to be a part of a team gearing up for a New Order world?

    I am hearing about it for the first time but could get some details after making a random search in Google. Believe me, there are hundreds of such groups in the virtual world because they are aware of the fact that there are many in the world who are not happy with so many things (different for different people) and are seeking a change and believe that a group effort can bring in a change. Let me be frank and tell you that the change, as we want or perceive, should begin from each of us. Let us not believe in or follow such groups that try to exploit our basic feelings.

    'Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance'- Will Durant.

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