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    How well can India handle a cyclone similar to Hurricane Harvey

    Most of us have followed the major hurricane to hit Texas,USA a few days ago.This hurricane ripped thorough Texas bringing 52 inches (132 cms) of rain, claiming 70 lives so far.The loss of property and economic cost of the hurricane is estimated around 81-108 billion dollars (more than the GDP of many African and South American countries). The loss of human lives is said to be remarkably low for a Category 4 hurricane, thanks to the early warning systems,mass evacuation and rescue systems in place.

    If this is the impact on a developed country, what would be the impact of such a natural disaster (132 cms of rain) in our major cities and towns along the coastal areas. What can the Indian system learn from the experience of USA. How well are we geared up currently. Expert please express your views.
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    India is also having some improved system of weather forecast and they are able warn early. Recently once or twice as per their warning heavy rains were there and Government has controlled the situation. Even 3 years back when there was a big cyclone in Vizag Andhra Government very efficiently handled the situation.However in India the loss of humans will be high as the populations is very high here. If economical is very high it may take a long time for us to recover, I hope. Our emergency response system is to be further improved. On site and off site emergency mitigation plans are to be made further effective and all systems should in be ready to use condition always. Inventory is to be maintained for critical spares. More shelters should be available for facing severe natural disorders.
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    The cyclone warning system of India is very advanced, almost equal to that of the USA and some other western country. The cyclone warning is nowadays given at least 72 hours in advance. However, in cases of super cyclone like which we witnessed in Orissa in 1999, all countries are helpless in front of nature's terrible fury. Only the lives can be saved by advance cyclone warning system.

    This is from my personal experience.

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    First of all , my prayers, God forbid such sad events happening to any one or any nation.

    India has now better system of forewarning and hence precautionary and damage lessening measures than the earlier decades. Similarly rescue and relief measures are also better. The field level functionaries of the government machinery also are experienced and do a good service even in very difficult situations.

    However apart from all these, what I see best is the human ingenuity, improvisation and sense of co-operation and oneness of the people during such crises. I had seen that in the July 2005 Mumbai floods. The same was displayed in times of calamity in other occasions also.

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    Surely India cannot withstand the nature fury of high nature that battered Texas and Florida recently as we could watch the Hurricane could damage big buildings, throw out cars and heavy vehicles parked on the roads and imagine the helpless people who were stranded on the path of its travel. When we are not able to cope up the continued drizzling through which much water gets stagnated on the roads, enter the offices, shops and homes and thus make the life miserable. If the Hurricane type of natural disaster visits India, surely the causalities would be more, the polls would be thrown away, the big advertisement boards would be swept away killing several people, the trains would be thrown out in the river and above all weak buildings and bridges would collapse like a playing cards. Surely India is having the grace of the God.
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    glad to know that there are members with first hand experience of an actual response to nature's furry
    Looks like we have a system that can be made better. Yes agree with you all that by God's grace we don't have to face such a event. or risk innocent lives.

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