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    Attention Chocolate lovers!

    The world's fourth type of Chocolate, after dark, milk, and white chocolates looks pink naturally and tastes like berries invented.
    Swiss firm Barry Callebout invented the chocolate after a decade of research.
    People can buy them in 6 to 18 months' time.
    So, be ready to taste it!
    How chocolates are made? Can anybody explain?
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    Very briefly, fermented and dried cocoa beans are refined to a roasted nib by winnowing and roasting. Then, these beans are heated causing melting into chocolate liquor. Lastly, manufacturers blend chocolate liquor with sugar and milk to add flavour.
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    Well no body would be interested to know how the chocolates are made but certainly apart from varieties mentioned by the author, any new added variety is welcome and tasted immediately.
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    Chocolates are not good for health. But people will get tempted to eat. Particularly young generation is having lot of liking for chocolates. It has become a custom to bring chocolates when somebody is coming to India for other countries or people who has gone there for seeing. They distribute these to all their relatives.
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    #608545 - this is false. Chocolate has a lot of health benefits. It is the sugar present in chocolates that can cause the health problem when taken in excess. Darker the chocolate greater is its health benefits.

    It was interesting to know how chocolates are made.

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