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    What role does education play in life?

    It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge. Some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world, while knowledge is something very different. They are right.
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    Education plays a greater role in our life but knowledge plays an equivalent role too. Education makes us good human beings, it makes us literate so that we are able to read and write, so that we can express ourselves to others easily, we can communicate better. Education makes our life worth. Education is essential to live a fruitful and purposeful life, but knowledge comes all from exploring. When education is put to a lot many researches, we start to gain knowledge on various things. You can read in book that how to drive a car, but in order to do that you have to do it practically, you need to have the knowledge of it. Education is when we learn through books , doing googling and exploring among various thoughts or opinions, it makes us knowledgeable.
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    Certainly education plays major role in our real life, and the society at large. If you are among the educated lots, you are respected more and even treated on par. If you are not educated, you have to make friendship with daily wage earners or labor class. Surely you will inculcate the habits of labor class and that is very dangerous for a family of middle class without proper education. Once a person gets spoiled through influence from the wrong society, it is difficult to change the attitude and pattern. That is why education has become important to live and important to survive without any difficulty. And one more thing, education alone is not important to win against others. One has to be learning things physically or practically over and above the book knowledge , then only the real education is learned. If you are well versed with bookish and practical knowledge, then you are the real mentor on that field.
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    To me, Swami Vivekananda has stated the ultimate truth about education. He said: "Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet. What we want are Western science coupled with Vedanta, Brahmacharya as the guiding motto, and also Shraddha and faith in one's own self."

    What can be more appropriate than this about education?

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    Education makes us Physically fit, Mentally fit and Spiritually high. education makes skilled individuals, who can earn their livelihood. Education brings discipline among citizens. Education helps in character building. It helps in mental and emotional development. Education is necessary for social order. Education helps in the development of self - determination,self -dependency and will power. It leads to the creation of a new society. Education helps in leading the life properly. Education develops national and emotional unity. It helps to work for society. It makes a person responsible.
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    Education is one thing which will give you knowledge and knowledge is power. Knowledge is one which will increase by sharing. Education is supposed to let you know which is good and which is bad. What to do and what not to do. Even after getting education if we are learning the way of life our education is waste. As you get educated more your way of life should also change and you should become an Ideal person. But for living education is not the only way. Many people live and earn lot of money without any formal education. So I don't say education is essential to live in. But education should teach you morals, ethics and as said by Mr. Partha, science combined with Vedanta will be an ideal feature for a person. A person with out education can be tolerated. But a person without morals can't be tolerated/
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    We can see many uneducated are living (especially well)around us. For this we should not come to a conclusion that education to one is waste but the education only makes a man complete. Human only can deviate the good and bad and to deviate the education helps a lot.

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    Education plays a vital role in day to day life. It is one of the most important weapons which you can use to change the world and make you stand in front of others. Education doesn't mean going to school or college, but it makes a person capable of understanding what is right or what is wrong for him/her. A real educated person is that who is able to use his/her skills in any kind of circumstances of their life.

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    I think Education is one of the most imprtant root of oue life. I complete my education from engineering colleges of Nagpur and now I am working in multinational company with high salary. The profile created by our education makes our life perfect.

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