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    Missing the WhatsApp share button

    I do not see the option for sharing our posts on WhatsApp integrated into the system. There is no WhatsApp sharing button on ISC. It would be beneficial for both ISC and her members if the same is incorporated into the system.

    I find that WhatsApp has a better reach and people are more likely to forward and/or share articles that they read on it. I am stating this based on my experience and the number of articles that I find forwarded or shared with me.

    Is there a no-fuss way for sharing content from ISC on WhatsApp from a laptop/desktop?
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    Good suggestion from the author. And by the virtue of connecting ISC with whatsapp, we the members can also have access to each one of us through whatsapp messages and that would be great bonding.
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    I do not think that the bonding that you foresee, is possible. My suggestion is restricted to sharing content through links and not personal contact details.

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    Good thought by the author. As whatsapp has become a social network. But sharing should be restricted at certain points like not sharing any negative comments and even privacy of personal details should be maintained secretly.

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    I do not think that it is a useful option to share posts and articles on watsapp, as we already have the this forum to do so. Even if there is higher reach to people there, I do not feel it will be read by the people, because per my experience, people hardly take care of reading articles and they just make fun out of things. Just an opinion from my side.
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    Share button is a good option but have you ever had the experience of fwding a message, a image or a video clip (to the numerous what's up group that most of us have) and then regretting it. Some of my friends have had and it affects many people unintentionally.

    What's up like any social media can be a double edged sword. Once its out there then it can forwards like many of the forwards we get that gets deleted after a courtesy glance. There is also the possibility of vicarious responsibility if a post leads on to a adverse issue ( words taken out of context, partial quotes of views expressed, responses which can have religious or personal overtones). At least within this ISC now, i feel its sort of contained or restricted.

    Better to leave things as it is now..These are just my views..

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    ISC encourages the sharing of content on social media.

    In any case, whatever is posted on the internet is open to risks – we are liable for content we post on ISC too. It's a fallacy that the risks of posting on ISC are fewer – in a digital world nothing is or can be contained; there is always a digital footprint that cannot be erased.

    Members do not restrain themselves from posting strong political, religious, communal and other views. They remain responsible for their views; ISC will not take the blame for them.

    A share button is just to make it easier to share articles on WhatsApp. Why would I regret sharing something that I created? There is nothing incriminating posted on ISC that we should be wary of sharing. And I'd never share views that I do not endorse.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    There is nothing to regret about, if you created something, we have complete rights to share it , whosoever we want to.
    My opinion was it will not be a good option to share on Watsapp because it will be of no value to share it there. On ISC platform, whatever we write , is encouraging and helps people to learn a lot. Here we get views as well as various feedback's from people on this forum.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    There is more to ISC than just the forum. The Articles section for example. When I write, I vie for a reach to a wider audience and not just feedback from fellow members. The purpose is to attract more traffic. If you agree that what "...we write is encouraging and helps people to learn a lot", then I don't see your reason for objecting. Isn't sharing spreading of encouragement and learning!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Nowadays whats app has become a very common media. Many groups are created. Number of posts, photos and videos. Many we will be receiving in a day. But we will not be seeing all of them. We ignore them. So I feel ISC topics are different in nature and we should have lot of understanding of the issues. It is not just sending messages. Hence I don't advise the linking of this site with whats app. Of course We can express our opinions on this channel, the final decision will be with Editors and web master. Let them see these posts and decide.
    But members if they want they can share their mobile numbers and we can form a group of ISC members and can establish friendship by sharing posts and views. This we can decide and people who are interested can share their mobile numbers. I am Ok with this idea.

    always confident

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