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    Are we litterbugs. Is is just lack of civic responsibility or sadly an attitude of what if i litter

    All of us at some point of time have thrown litter ( rubbish- paper, snacks and food covers etc) around at some point of time. Now a days I notice the same happening increasingly not only in the streets but in front of our houses and apartment complex. One has to just wake-up in the morning for a walk or run to see the rubbish (even milk covers,softdrink cans and alcohol bottles and other items unworthy of a mention). just thrown around without any thought. It is just a few people with lack of awareness or a careless attitude.
    Please comment or share your experiences..
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    Yes undoubtedly we are all litterbugs. Even after Swach Bharath Abhiyan , the community cleaning program initiated by the PM with right earnest, people are still unable to forget their habit of throwing waste or garbage or litter on the roads or public places. Surely is the lack of civic responsibility coupled with the arrogant attitude of what will one loose if the area is littered unknown to others.. But the GHMC in Hyderabad has become more serious on those who throw garbage or litter in public place and even heavy fines are being imposed. Still India needs much tutorial on maintaining clean and green envioronment..

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    I appreciate the author for this, but such type of discussion have taken place so many times in ISC. I feel its an individual responsibility to maintain cleanliness around us. Most of the times in public places I find educated people doing such work. for this I think we have to take such initiative if people don't understand. If I find any body doing so in public place like bus stand, railway station ,in trains etc I object and say please use the dustbin in. So if such habits occur in front of us then its better to stop that person from doing.

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    glad to note your views
    #608215: happy to know that in Hyderabad, such instances attract heavy fines.
    #608229: sorry if it's repetitive. glad to know that you take the initiative of correcting the offender politely. Its something most of us can do...

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    There a story about a king and his kingdom were drought and corruption among his public was two main problem the king wanted to know the solution to both these problem and also wanted to know how much corruption was actually in his state so the king asked his advisor for a solution to this problem.
    The advisor suggested that King should command his servants to dig a big pond in the city and then asked to announce that King wants a bath in milk and for this pond need to be filled with milk and for this purpose, every family in the state has to contribute 1 cup of milk in the night.
    When the city dwellers listened this news everyone thought that no one will know if they threw a cup of water instead of milk in the night and so they all filled a cup of water and threw it in the empty pond.
    And next day when King arrived to have a bath the whole pond was filled with water. So king told the public see how much corruption has been spread in the city that whole pond is full of water and that is why prosperity is away from us.

    This story exactly fits for Indian society where everybody thinks it doesn't matter if we threw a little of litter in the street as someone will definitely clean it but everybody have the same thought process so all end up filling roads and street with litter and no one to clean it. And so I agree with the point made by the author that we and our thought process has become litterbug.

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    I agree, throwing garbage either you do not want to do, but somehow it happens by people. It is not right and we need to be careful on such things. It is really bad if you throw them in front of others house. It will spoil the mood of the other person as well. People need to understand these things , and make a good habit of throwing rubbish in dustbins. For this, everyone need to strictly keep in their mind, that they should not throw the rubbish here and there, rather only in the dustbin.
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    It is mainly due to lack of responsibility and awareness. We know smoking in public places is not acceptable as per law but we find many people smoking on the streets. One day I have taken a big objection for that and made some students to stop on that day. But how far it is possible to tell each and very one like this. Every one should feel the responsibility and see that the government mission is successful. In Hyderabad the GHMC has given two tubs to every house one for dry waste and another one for wet waste. Everyday the collector of waste will come and collect the waste from the house. When government is taking such an initiative people should cooperate with them. But if we are not doing that we deserve punishment. Maintaining neatness and cleanliness is not for somebody's good. It is for us and for our health. Everybody should keep this in mind and try for maintaining clean and neat surroundings.
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