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    Will Election Commission link Aadhar card to EVM?

    Do you think there will be a requirement soon to link Aadhar to the electronic voting machine? Would it be beneficial? Give your input in this forum thread.

    There are many things going on for linking our Aadhar card to Bank, Telecom, etc. It is Ok. However, will Central Government or Election Commission of India take an initiative to link the Aadhar card with Electronic Voting Machine to avoid long queue in the poll booth and prevent misuse, etc.?

    Your opinions?
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    Wow that could be wonderful decision if the Election Commission makes it compulsory to link voter ID card with the Aadhaar number of concerned persons and that would not only prevent the misuse of the votes and the government can have the definite data of who is voting and who is not voting and still enjoying the benefits of government schemes at later date. But care must be taken that there should not harassment of the voters by ruling or opposition parties that they have not voted for them. Further government can plan cash for services if the voter is the ardent supporter every time.
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    I don't think it is that easy. Whether this Aadhaar card system will continue or any changes may take place with the recent court verdict on personal information security. However if it is done it will be good. But our people are very intelligent , they can find out a way to make all wrong things. Anyway let us wait and see what will happen. Lot of rumours are coming about EVMs also. How to say they are perfect is again a point of discussion. It is normal inour country any change will always be resisted always by many.
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