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    Maximum age till a human being can live-is it correct?

    Dutch scientists have conducted a study on 75, 000 human beings and have reached an interesting conclusion. They have found that a human being can live upto a maximum of 115 years. The detailed reason of this conclusion has not yet been shared.

    In this connection we know that as per the available and verifiable records, Jeanne Calment, a French lady, holds the longest known life-span of 122 years old. In India, there are some Yogis who are known to have lived more than 150 years (for example, Trailanga Swami and Loknath Brahmachari); but as the Indian system of keeping birth-records is not considered reliable, these instances are not considered. Last year I came to know that in some places of Gilgit-Baltistan, many people live well above 120 years.

    I would like to know from other Members whether they know any case where a person has survived more than 115 years. If yes, then these instances can be cited to challenge the finding of the Dutch scientists.
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    I can't say for sure whether the report is correct or not but I have read in the Internet a report about the Hunza tribe living in the Nagar and Chitral districts and the valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan area of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan. They have lifespans of up to 145 years! They enjoy excellent health and diseases related to heart , cancer, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and other common plagues of the Western world are almost unheard of among this tribe.
    The 'middle age' in this tribe is considered to be about 100 years and their fertility period is up to 80-90 years..
    The language they speak is called Burushaski which is not related to any other language.

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    It is an education to me. All these days my knowledge is the maximum is 100 years. That to very few people survive to that age. But now it is known that people are there who live up io 145 years. Very good information and thanks to the author.
    In our Puranas it was mentioned that there are people who lived 1000 of years. But we don,'t have any proof for it.

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    Yes, Dr. Rao.
    If proper research is conducted on the life-style, food habits and such other things of these people, many new facts might come to light which can help the people get rid of many of the so-called diseases people are suffering from these days.
    The climatic condition of a place also play a vital role in increasing/decreasing the lifespan of people in a particular region.

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    Ms. Mitra: Burushaski is a language which is the only descendant of the language used in Indus valley civilzation. At least some linguists think so.

    Ealier I had read that life expectancy of people (Cossacks) living on the banks of Volga and Don of Russia is 125-140 years.

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    Maximum Age for a person to live depends on various factors, but there was a human being who did live till the age of 969 and his name was Methuselah.

    Now coming to the current generation, we hardly hear of people crossing 100 years and those who have crossed 100 years they have entered into Guinness Book of Records. When my great grandmother passed away it was believed that she had crossed 100 but there was no record by which we could verify their age. So many must have lived beyond the 125 but for those who have no record, it's hard to determine their age.

    With the current lifestyle and food habits of our generation, it would be a surprise if people will live healthily beyond 80 years.

    Personally, I knew my great-grandmother who lived to cross hundred but we are not sure of her exact age.

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    The age of human being is dependant upon several factors, however there are three governing factors which can enhance life - span and these being a stress - free life style, strict vegetarian and the foods must contain less oil and spice and lastly to keep oneself busy physically and mentally so that stress - level can be managed successfully.
    Diabetes, Hypertension, Insomnia are the results of our faulty life - style and can be changed for the betterment with our little effort.
    We can take lessions from the tribes living in different regions in our country who sincere follow simple diets and lead a stressful lives. They have identified several herbs and use them frequently in case of any health- disorder. More we are close to nature, greater will be our life - span.

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    Excellent thread and responses so far, the findings mentioned so far are magical as nowdays we see people as young as 30-40 snapped away from the world by a heart attack or a massive stroke. There are many reports of tribal people living longer without illness and one of the often attributed reason is their active life led in a pure environment surrounded by pristine forests or nature rich in many edible roots, herbs,plants, leaves that have numerous medicinal properties.

    Being in the healthcare sector, I've recently heard about a single senior woman who's 89 who looks after her physically challenged relative and still practices as a surgeon. Being a surgeon is not easy as it involves plenty of skills that go down as age advances. Yes this surgeon operated daily in Russia - Alla Illyinichna Levushkina, and she does it without any major complications- Hat's off to her!

    If you look at age, modern science addresses in various aspects, in simple terms its

    1. physical age
    2. mental age
    3.physiological age

    the first two are obvious, the third i feel is important as each organ system that has been exposed to wear and tear has to keep performing to keep the person alive. If one looks at these critical organ system and how they function, it depends on
    1. presence of disease
    2. gravity/extent of existing disease
    3. exposure to adverse agents - load and duration
    4.quality of sources from which the energy is driven - nutrition

    If you consider the above and think about our parents, grand-parents and great grand parents you will find that people who have spent their lives in the rural regions have lived longer than the current generation. The most important aspects that we, the current generation miss are

    1. clean air
    2. unadulterated food
    3. use of natural remedies
    4. healthy life style
    5. daily physical labor
    6. self sufficient yet simple life
    7. clean natural source of water
    8. A good night's sleep

    Next comes the state of mind. Here we enter into the realm of emotional and spiritual well being. A life led with positive energy without any stress or common sins of man ( jealously, greed, malice) will certainly be longer than one of the so called current generation human running the rat race endlessly like a hamster on a wheel!

    Lastly it's important to know from such blessed people as to how they have lived
    some of the answers include

    1. living alone
    2. frugal diet
    3. some have only eggs or only oats or only one meal a day
    4. relaxing and sleeping
    5. drinking home made wine
    6. helping others as much as they can..

    Hope we all can learn something from these superhumans in real life.

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    Let me say it in astrological way. The maximum life span of a person is 120 years only. There is something known as Dasa which is of the nine planets that rules over a person. Each Dasa has different period. If we add all the Dasa periods, the total years is 120 years. So a person cannot live beyond 120 years.
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    #608381: But there are people who have lived beyond 120. What would be the explanation for that?

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    It may be true that humans can survive upto 100+ years but it is not going to work in coming generation. For a human to live to his fullest means he or she has to be totally free from all possible stresses and should be like a free bird as pressure upon one can drastically affect lifespan. Moreover, the food and other edible stuffs that we consume in our day to day life can also affect lifespan. We are now living in a speedy world of hectic competitions and a hell lot of junk foods. So how is it even practical for a person to survive till the proved span. Inorder to achieve it one should be well maintained and should take care of one's health from his childhood onwards. Proper diet, meditation and exercises are also a must. If these are being followed then a person can improve his life expectancy to somewhat a decent stretch.

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    Blue zones are the places on the Earth where there is a high concentration of longest lived people. They are said to have lived upto 120 years. Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Ikaria in Greece are few of those blue zones.
    There are reasons why these people live long. Okinawans have a community health exercise everyday and they mostly eat hand-grown vegetables cultivated by themselves. Sardinians enjoy lush Mediterranean climate and red wine which boosts their immunity. Ikaria is a remote village town away from pollution in mountain valleys.
    Health is something that cannot be correctly defined by scientists. And the factors that help humans lead a long life are still obscure.
    There was a US navy Veteran called Overton. He was a chain smoker and there wasn't a day he would be sober.
    Yet he lived 111 years.
    We cannot really blame junk food or drugs or additives then right?
    We are yet to discover what makes a man truly healthy.

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    There may be some isolated cases of long life span but that can not be generalised for the 600 crore people of the world.

    Within a tribe because of good environmental conditions, genetics and good food habits it is possible that life expectancy may be higher but in general average for the world will be a miserable figure somewhere around 95.

    The data on which a research is generated should be from various places to arrive at a realistic average figure.

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