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    Adapting to the changing world. To change or to resist

    Many of us in our day to day life would notice that change has affected every aspect of our lives.
    the way we communicate, the way we interact, the moral limitations all have changed over the few years. Same with whatever profession we are in. Even the so called noble professions are intensely scrutinized. So we often come across many changes at the professional front wherein the time would have come either embrace the change to continue working and earn a living or the fight the change that is often a loosing battle and risk being left behind.

    The problem is lot of these changes are enforced with such speed and authorization that time tested methods are questioned and sadly at times the true reason behind change will be a increase in business, increase in profits, give a new look, shake off experienced staff, push in a new product.

    There would lot of members who would have a varied levels of experience in various fields. Would be interesting to know their inputs
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    The organisation in which I work uses this tag line very often "The only thing which is constant is Change"

    Should I Adapt to the changing world? To change or to resist? That's a very thoughtful question, now if I consider my job I will have to adapt to all the changes as soon as I can because If I won't take it up and learn I will be left far behind.

    Coming to the moral values and the culture that we have imbibed from our parents, I will stick to it as long as I find it reasonable enough too. People around me find it very normal to drink and smoke including girls. That's not normal to me, I don't think its cool to drink and smoke. I will resist that change and I will not give in to that or go along with that change.

    Thinking that women are incapable of handling technical things- this was the mentality in few IT organisation but now it's changing except for few people who are still in that nutshell. This is a welcome change.

    Depending upon situations we should accept change and sometimes we need to be bold enough to resist it as well.

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    Change is inevitable. Change is for betterment. We have to accept the changes which are good for the Organisation and good for all. An organisation will work for profit. They always try to increase the profits. In this pursuit many changes will be effected. But this should be done with utmost care and scrupulous planning, But some people will effect the changes without properly analysing whole situation. In those circumstances some people try to resist by telling what problems raise. Even then management may not accept and they go ahead. Those situations are common and the learn by mistakes. We have to wait and watch.
    Coming to changes in personal life, it is a factor that depends on the individual. Changes which will go away from ethics and morals should not be acceptable and we should resist for those changes. We can't ask others not to do that. But as an individual we can stop accepting those changes and continuing with the ethical practices will be always a correct way.
    We should accept changes for the good and changes which will be not good should be resisted.

    always confident

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    Change is the law of nature. It is inevitable. One who cannot change with time, will be called backward and have to suffer in life. It depends upon an individual whether he would accept the changes willingly and mold himself accordingly or ruin himself by resisting it.
    If one is serious about his job and career, he will have to change himself, how hard may it be, according to the need of the hour. Otherwise, a day would come when he would find himself nonadjustable to anywhere and may even be fired from his company.
    This is the bitter truth of life.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    Everything in this world is changing at a faster pace. What we can do is either follow the change or be our self and follow our own principles. From our home to our workplaces, change is everywhere. Sometimes, we feel the change being made is for the betterment, but later it gives no benefits and we are just left like that.
    If we talk in organizations, every time and every moment, some or the other new change is implemented. The changes are made to reduce the efforts from our end , and rest to ease the services to customer. We are listening in news that in this era of "Automation" - there is an increasing worry among people from IT sector that they may end up losing their jobs. Because almost every single thing is being automated. In order to reduce human efforts, they are automating everything. This seems to be a drastic change. And so, people are working towards increasing more of their skillsets as per the requirement in market. While there are some other people who have this thought in their minds that it will still take many more years to implement all that.
    So, change is everywhere, it is on us, how we are going to welcome it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    World is not changing but we only make the world to change. If a single person changing himself with some personal motive and by seeing him others changing barren without thinking the good and bad. The single person's action makes the universe to another and it becomes world change. Nowadays by simply seeing 'website information' many people change themselves without considering the personalization. A medicine is good for one but the same medicine is allergy for another. As we have to see the individual application, we should not change ourselves barrenly. It is similar to the cat who put lines on the body with a hot rod by seeing a tiger.

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