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    What are the options for unemployed youth if there is a gap after education?

    In India, there is no restriction for Government jobs even if there is gap after the required qualifying examination until he/she exceeds the maximum age limit. But in private sector, if there is a gap of even one year after the education, you will be treated as inefficient as you were not able to secure a job within one year. A person will be treated as fresher until one year or at max two years after the qualified education. But after that he generally won't be considered as a fresher. The opportunities in the private sector will be grim for him if there is a gap. So, in such a situation, what are the options for unemployed youth if there is a gap after education? Everyone can't secure a Government job or do a business.
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    I think this should be moved to the Ask Expert Section.

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    If there is a gap after your education, it becomes little problematic to join private sector. Because then you will have the fear that what will be your answer if Interviewers ask you"what you did in past 2 years or past 1 year". But that does not mean opportunities are gone. You can give valid reasons for this and there are many organizations who still will consider you, you will just need to brush up your skill sets, before leaving for the interview. As per my knowledge, people can move to IT sector, because today almost every organization first train every individual before teaching the actual work to them. You will have a Probation period. So, that will not be a problem. If I take an example , in my organization itself, my Lead hired a guy, who was preparing for IAS for 2 years , but then since he wanted to join a firm and to have an earning. He got the opportunity, because he carried those skill sets with him.
    It may take a little time, but if you are dedicated, you will get the opportunity.

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    If you have a gap of even more than 1 -2 year being a fresher and 6 months being an experienced even with valid reasons it gets difficult to get into IT sector. If you do get into an organisation then it's really a blessing. I have known many of my friends who had very genuine reasons for taking gap (both freshers and experienced and yet they were rejected).

    It is not impossible but yes the opportunity diminishes greatly. This is the scenario in IT industry.

    What to do in such scenarios :

    1. Apply in as many organisations you can.
    2. Upgrade your skills meanwhile so that you can stay aligned with the market requirements.
    3. If you have the passion for teaching, you can apply for B.Ed and start teaching because we do lack many good teachers.
    4. While it's true that not everyone can start a business and if you have a strong will, doors will open up. "Where there is a will, there is "always" a way"

    One of my friend who graduated with me didn't get any jobs in IT organisation so later she decided to start a small cake shop. She learned to make them and took a small loan and started with the shop, now she is doing so well that she converted into a small cafe. She even takes "how to make pastry classes" and earns from that as well.

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    After the completion of education, the prime motto of the youngsters is Job seeking.

    The Job also cannot be very similar to their expectations.

    The Job availed to them also very easy to cope up with their studied topics as the practical application may not be equal to their subjects studied.

    The job may not be available to them immediately on their completion.

    Immediately they cannot be taken as managers as training in the particular job is necessary. So, they have to take up the available job and develop themselves in that job.

    Above all, the youngsters can engage themselves amidst their job searching in servicing the family persons and neighbors for payment of electricity /telephone/utility bills, taking them to hospitals etc., which would be making them to know about practical aspects involved in them.

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    Normally intelligent and performing students are spotted by the management of the colleges and also by the team visiting for campus interview. What I feel that those who are destined to get jobs are being watched from the penultimate year itself about their performance and progress and college management would be asked to take care of those students. But due to bad luck or no campus interview in some colleges, getting a job in the same year of completing qualification may be difficult and may not be possible to some extent. In that case the candidate should identity his weakness or engage into having additional qualification like in computers and other related core field , so that he wont waste the time and also have some certificate at the end of the course and that will add to his qualification and personality. Or he may join temporarily for training and understand a job in any known company.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It may not be true in all cases. It is mainly true in software and related jobs. But in other private industries there are instance where management has taken people passed 2 or 3 years before also, if they are able to prove their knowledge and usefulness in the interaction with the company professionals. But in IT industries generally the Organisations are going to colleges and selecting the final year students for the jobs as they are in touch with the subject. Anyhow in Government jobs age is the limiting factor. If you are within the age limit you can apply and you may get selected. Every student who complete his education will try to get a job at the earliest. But some may get immediately, bur it may take some time for some individuals. These individuals while trying for the job if they try to improve their technical knowledge by doing some certificate course or diploma course in their subject, that will act as an additional qualification and they can claim themselves as fresh candidate also. The persons should think in that direction and go ahead. They will get double advantage.
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    This type of questions require detailed analysis and authentic information.
    It seems quite late now but such questions can be shifted to 'Ask expert' section to reap the real benefit of our experts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Umesh sir,
    It should better be it here. When some of our members give their opinion about options, some may counter it as some options may not be feasible in practical. If we see the second and third responses of the thread, we can seen two contradictory opinions regarding the IT field.

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    #608456 : Bhuvan , Whatever opinion you will get will be based on the people's experiences. Feasibility of getting job or not getting completely depends upon your skill sets. Since the experience I hold is similar to the one I quoted above. I told you the same, but not necessarily this happens. It will depend upon your qualifications equally too.
    Feasibility of something is possible only if you remain determine to what you want to do.
    It will depend completely on your thought. My working experience has been three and a half years and I shared exactly what I am seeing as a trend in IT sector. On the other hand, Neethu gave you a different direction - because there she considered the thought that 'you might' or you 'might not' possess those skill sets which is needed to work in IT sector. So, she related everything from a general perspective. I completely agree with the view she gave as that is needed too, which I missed in my comment.
    Rest feasibility of the opportunities is exactly proportional to your skills and your knowledge which will take you ahead. And exactly if you stay dedicated Sir, nothing is tough in this world.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Government was once the major employer. Removing unemployment was a mission and aim. Government also wanted to provide employment for the vulnerable sections of the society too. So there were many beneficial relaxations in the eligibility for government jobs. Moreover the process of recruitment in government sector has to pass through various time consuming procedures entailing even years.Thus age limit was relaxed to enable more people apply and get government jobs.

    However a private employer's main aim is his profit . The principle is pay less and get more. A fresher fits in this. Moreover it is easy to ' strike the iron when it is still hot'. A fresher is a hot iron. The employer can train him to the suited needs very easily.

    If there is a big gap after conclusion of the studies, then the prospective employee would have forgotten much of what he learned. It may need more training to make him employable. Moreover age would have added some non-flexible characteristics in him which may not suit the job and employer.

    Nowadays the employment opportunities in the private sector are much and normally a student passing out a course can easily get a job. If he did not get it , then the reason may be he is below the normal and average of the expectation by employers, or some other reasons. For reasons cited in above paras, he may stand in lesser preference for a private job.

    The best way to avoid this is to acquire some skills or specialisation during the gap and equip oneself to prevent obsolescence. Or else get into some job that comes in the way. That avoids rusting.

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    Youth in present days have to come up with innovative solutions to societal problems. This is the only way to kill unemployment. Particularly if someone is taking a gap of 2 years after their education then surely the person might have been wither preparing for something like CAT, UPSC, Banking etc. Or the person might have been trying for some job in private sector or in some cases took a break.
    In each case the person needs to sit and reanalyse himself. In first case mostly the problem would be economic condition of family. They couldn't support for longer. In that case stopping coaching and preparing from home would help to some extent. There is numerous content in online. Sometimes it may be due to lack of motivation to give further attempts. In such case it is better to reanalyse and prepare again with a different strategy. Because whatever it is leaving a dream job just because lack of motivation is not advisable.
    In second case there are certain standard skill set expected from any graduate like
    Aptitude, c,c ++ Java in IT, Matlab in EEE or ECE and similarily for any engineering course. It is pertinent to develop that. English is defenitely necessary ( A sad reality because most of companies even Indian based work for Foreign clients)
    Further pursuing M.Tech is a good option to get into industry in core areas.
    Develop some innovative answers for your break. Like may be some projects will help. If you show them during your interview it will help to some extent.
    In third case the self analysation is very much needed. Is the person wanted to continue in his graduation then one possible way could be listening to NPTEL lectures, CEC in case of arts and sconce and reinvent your passion. Then look around your society and identify a problem where you could solve using your graduation knowledge. Develop something for it. Companies like amazon, flipkart etc came out like this only. They just bridged the gap in society.
    But being innovative is very much needed in any case. Only the person must believe in himself/ herself.

    Finally I agree with author for choosing to post here because in Ask experts mostly atleast there must converging of solutions. But this question can generate varied response and everyone of us have our own view. There can be only opinions and not possible solutions in this case.

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    #608472, I wanted the thread to be here just to have varied opinions as also mentioned by Mr. Gokul. You are always welcome to give your opinion whether it matches with other's opinion or not.
    Just for your information, the thread is a general thread of any unemployed youth. It is not intended for me.

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