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    What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Home schooling?

    As India, a country which most often copy cats or adapt western countries, habits and styles as in western countries most of their children will have learning at home what they call it as home education or home schooling.Home schooling is conducted by a tutor the kids does some lessons online using her computer to link up with a computer who is long way away.The parent is the person who is in charge of the child's education. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Homeschooling or Home education. Knowledgeable members, please post your view on this.
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    In our country the home schooling may not be successful and that would be total failure for many reasons. Our children are habituated to parents pampering and they are highly treated dearly by the elders at the home. A child gets the feeling of going to school learning from other student. He gets satisfied on wearing a uniform, taking a lunch box with him and one water bottle in a bag. All this makes a child to look like a school student. And he insists that he may either go by auto, van, school bus etc. But such kind of activities are not available with home tuition as home schooling. The child would get up late as there is no control over discipline and timing. Every child has to be on line at the dot of the time. But when the computer is shut down, then the school declared holiday for itself. So lazy, lethargic, non compliance of rules and above all non seriousness in education are the main disadvantage of home schooling.
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    Home schooling is like virtual games.Now we are all doing all activities using computer. We need not go anywhere.Simply by sitting in the house we can do banking,gaming,chat, and now teaching also. As such we are loosing human touch. We don't have social life. If children also stuck at the house they don't even have friends. So I don't advocate this concept. They should learn how to behave with fellow human beings. They should learn what are the points required for becoming good citizens of the country.Going to school and learning is always better.
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    Culturally and traditionally speaking home schooling is not the cup of tea for us. It can come there as an experiment but it's success is highly doubtful.

    In our society we believe in overall development of a child by exposing him to education, sports and other extra curricular activities so that he can be ready to face the practical life after his education in a more successful way.

    Our present system is evolved after a lot of experiments and deliberations and home schooling will be a setback to the present system as well as an unprogressive and unfortunate event for the children who will be totally cut off from outside world.

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    School is a place where we learn etiquette. Schools educates students in all aspects. All round development of the student is their goal. Children lack social etiquette if they won't go out of their homes. Moreover staying at home without any outer interaction can cause weak immunity and depression in children.
    Physical education cannot be imparted by home schooling. And discipline too cannot be propagated.

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    Home Schooling is not good for children. It does not fulfill the objectives of education. It does n't involve any activity based study. The school has many activities, for development of children. Children have no friends to share with them in Home schooling. Teachers have educational skills to guide a child. All parents have not those skills. In Home Schooling data is collected from computers. The students are not interested in doing assignment because no one is to check these. Teachers give love,sympathy and moral support to children ,which is not possible in Home Schooling.
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