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    Reaction of home minister of Telangana against the teachers

    Recently, our beloved home minister have rewarded the teachers on occasion of teachers day. But, a controversy was done with the voice about the home minister that he said teachers' children are in private schools. Immediately, teachers quoted against the minister that what about the position of children of MLAs and MPs families in which children joined in private schools. This is happened in that occasion. I am asking ISC members that if you were in the position of the home minister how would you react and say answer to the question of teachers?
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    Nowadays politicians think they can do anything and everything. On Teachers'Day, the West Bengal Police lathicharged agitating temporary teachers of the State. The Police of the State did not even shout at the rioters of a particular community engaged in destroying properties, but they can use sticks on peacefully agitating unarmed teachers on Teachers'Day.

    Telengana Home Minister ma be of the same group of politicians.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Sir, you may be not aware about such politician in the media. But, I know from you about the action taken by police men towards teachers. Teachers are pillars of nation. I do not know why politicians do not have positiveness about teachers. Any way, your response makes me merry.

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    The Minister should not have said that as it hurts more for the teachers. In most of the schools I found that where ever the teacher is working even her child studies there either for free or with fee concession. In my wife's school this scheme is going on. That means the child of the teacher gets free education which is a great noble cause from the management of the school. It does not mean that teacher prefers her own school for imparting education to her child. Moreover being away from parents and living with husband and child, daily coping up with activities would be difficult for the parent and thus they chose the convenience of working and studying at one place so that commuting and looking after the school hours would be convenient. Probably the Minister does not know this and he uttered. Nevertheless promoting government schools in a big with with good education is need of the hour as poor cannot afford education for a high price.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sir, you are correct. I am saying that government schools become the centers of poor pupil who can not afford fees in private schools. I am not saying that teachers are rich but middle class. They think that their children need English medium with teacher for every subject. But, that would not be happened in government schools. But, quality of teaching in government is not comparable to that of private schools. Government has to give teachers for every subject in the schools irrespective of the strength of the schoolthen the voice of the minister becomes true.

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    The teacher's children, the politician's children, employee's children and business people's children are all in private school only. Government school teacher's salaries are very high. Private school teacher's salaries are lees. No fees in government schools. Very high fees in private schools. You see the difference. Who is responsible for this. Why no teacher is sincere to his duty in a Government school. Why political leaders are not true to their promises? Why private schools won't pay good salaries to all the teachers who are suffering with low salaries but working hard full time? Why higher government officials will not try to correct the school administration? All questions only. No answers . If you touch any field all questions only. No answers. Only answer for all the questions is one only. No sincerity. No loyalty The teacher who is teaching in the school don't have confidence in his fellow teachers. Same is the reply in all cases. Only people who can't afford to high fees are going to government schools.

    always confident

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    In this contest, what the minister said is a fact t be reckoned. The teachers reaction is not correct. Pitting one wrong against another wrong does not make the first wrong right at all.
    It is mostly the insider's actions that can instil more faith in outsiders.

    Just take an example of a bank employee canvassing others for accounts and deposits, when his own account and deposits are with another bank? What is the credibility of a an employee of a soap maker or a toffee maker or anything like that when the employee himself does not use the employer manufacturer's product, but uses some other similar product?

    Had the teachers sent their children to government schools, they could have retorted to the minister and pointed out at MLA s and MPs and ministers without any prick of conscience and with conviction. However, in the current context, the teachers do not have the moral right. The minister's fault is only secondary.

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    Every city in India has so many examples of such instances where in the top officials or ministers who should set the example by using government resources but instead go for expensive private resources for examples government officials using hi-tech private hospitals, exclusive private schools, luxury imported cars, 5 star expensive hotels to stay so on and so forth.
    On the other hand many government educational institutions, hospitals, government accommodations lag behind a lot in terms of quality, ambiance and infrastructure.

    Instead of being repetitive, I find a basic flaw in this incident. A responsible minister should know what to say? when to say? and where to say? This I think is the crucial to the discussion because if these statement was not made, then it wouldn't have been a controversy in the first place. The message here is people who authority, power and key positions should take utmost care in the way they conduct themselves as the implications of a mistimed or in appropriate comment can be disastrous.

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    Venkateswaran sir, your opinion about the teachers against politicians is not justified according to you. But, service of teachers is not comparable with any other service. Without criticizing others, how can others will treat others. So the samething was happened in case of teachers.

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