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    Honk!Honk!Honk! many love not to take the finger from the horn

    Driving to work or back home, on the way to an important meeting our setting out on a journey. The first thing that strikes is the congestion, traffic, pedestrians crossing everywhere and last not the least : PERSISTENT HONKING. Sometimes especially when we are on two wheeler, it unnerves you when a sudden blast of noise comes very close. I often find that only few times such honking is needed for safety rest of the times it's just a cacophony contribution to noise pollution.

    It's so bad that at some major cities they have
    1. No Horn day or No Horn period (few hours)
    2. Good minded citizens stand in groups at important crossings and signals to point out to everyone when someone honks a lot ( its like name and shame)

    Can't we do without honking,
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    It's the most annoying thing and it always gets on my nerves especially since I am very sensitive to a crowded place and noise. I do see some people on their vehicle enjoy honking for no reasons. There were even times when continuous honking by people on vehicle gave me a severe headache.

    It's actually good that some cities do have NO HORN DAY or period. I hope it is implemented in my place also very soon.

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    It is true. Many drivers use horns very often without any need. It is disturbing.We feel like closing our ears. I understand in some of the cities using horn is prohibited. But in our country drivers use more. This may be due to unruly crowd and improper following of traffic rules. It is going beyond limits and some we need to think twice before taking up a travel in to the city.
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    Just like people want to shout out others, while driving continuous honking at the horns is a way of showing dominance ,intolerance and impatience.
    Individual civility and discipline added with strict compliance of rules and deserving punishment for violations can only bring this bad habit down.

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    Given the way people ride and drive vehicles, it is no surprise that people honk. They honk at others to warn them that they are behind them and to give way. They honk to show irritation at other motorists and jaywalkers (it is the equivalent of a showing of the middle finger). They honk at others who swerve towards them or bring their vehicle dangerously close. They honk, so others maintain lane discipline.

    We lack proper driving schools where driving etiquettes can be learnt. We do not maintain lane discipline. It is free for all on our roads. People do not know that they can use their headlights to give signals. Why honk when you can flash, blink or dip the lights to ask for way, to overtake or signal to someone driving towards you to stay in their lane.

    In my city, it is usually the yellow number boards that use their horns incessantly. If I hear a honk and I look at the side or rear view mirror, 9 out of 10 times I see a yellow number plate.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    In India, we do not learn driving properly. Our tutors are not very efficient. In many cases, the basic aim of learning driving is to acquire driving license, which is an important identifying document in our country. Even then, all of us know that honking is not permissible in front of hospitals and educational institutions, but we don't bother.

    But to me, the motor-bike stunts and peculiar sounds emitted from motor-bikes are far more annoying and dangerous.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    By having nearly 37 years of driving experience on the road by two wheeler, what I understood from these years that some people are unnecessarily taking the help of honk to maintain their position on the road and they feel safe that by honking others would give the way. Especially some old people when they drive car, they keep on honking from distance as if a Minister convoy is coming and every one has to give the way. What is more disturbing that some may annoy you with persistent honking even at the traffic signals when it is red. If one has come on the road, they must drive with caution and patience. By honking they cannot terrorize and boss over on others. I seldom use the horn and have totally control over the break and clutch. By honking one is showing his desperate attempt to rule the road at the cost of others giving way which some times bring unwanted duel on the roads.
    K Mohan
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