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    Anybody misses the good old days of letters and letter writing. Physical not digital

    I remember the good old days, when a letter comes home from relatives or friends, grandfather or father used to open and read and tell us. I initially used to look at the stamps and started collecting the colorful stamps. It used to be a joy finding a letter with stamps that the postman had missed cancelling.

    We have changed a lot, but have we lost the art of writing, I can imagine the poor postman who may be out of his job soon....

    Would be interesting to see the experiences of other friends
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    I would wait for the Christmas season when Christmas and New Year cards would arrive from relatives abroad. The cards would always be beautiful – this was an era before Archies and Hallmark. Thanks to this my brother and I began collecting stamps.

    Communication with parents during my undergraduate years was also through written letters. Phone calls were permitted only on Sunday, and with just one instrument in the parlour, the chance of receiving a call from home was grim. Letters were distributed after the evening tea and I remember waiting in anticipation for a letter from home.

    When my husband and I were courting, we would write to each other every day. There were no mobile and no internet, and making calls over the landline was an expensive affair. Every day, I would wait impatiently for the postman to arrive. The man perhaps recognised my 'anxiousness' and made it a point to ring the bell on his bicycle when he dropped the letter in the mailbox.

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    I do miss those moments of writing letters perhaps it was through writing letters I developed an interest in writing. I was put in the hostel at a very young age and since we didn't have any landline connection I had to write letters to my parents. I still remember those eager moments to read what my parents had written for me in the school. Counting the days were very hard.

    Those nights when I missed my parents a lot I would go to the window and read the letters again in the dim moonlight. While reading those letters I could hear the voices of my parents in my head and that gave me huge relief after which I would sleep peacefully. Yes, I do miss those days the letter itself had a unique smell and I had kept a bunch of letters as memoirs of those days. Reading your post took me back to those days.

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    I concur with the thread author in this regard.
    Those days the written letter sent by post (now ridiculed as snail mail) was the medium of communication between people separated by distance. The written letter was also the medium of communication between romantic lovers.
    Each letter used to have the emotions and attachment sprinkled on them by words. Every writer has his/her own style to convey the matter and emotions.
    Only those who were in those days can say ho longingly they waited for the arrival of the postman. Letters conveyed a lot from good to bad. We can go on writing a lot on the letters of those days. To give an advance signal, letters conveying some auspicious messages like marriage invitation etc were smeared with turmeric at the corners. Those conveying sad news were smeared with black colour at the corners.

    If anyone has meticulously salvaged all those letters he received, then looking at them he can write history f his life now.
    I can say that I could improve my language in my early school days from the letter communication with my elders. I had a few elder relatives who used to write in very good language and even include quotations and proverbs.

    In one of my early articles in ISC Three Rings, Unsung Heroes And Lost Glory I had written about Postman and his cycle bell , and of milkman and newspaper boy.

    I do not remember when was the last time I wrote a proper letter to someone. Once the telephones came in every home letters started slowly disappearing. E mail and Mobile phones ensured their total disappearance.

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    @Neethu,#608473, that was a beautiful nostalgic and sentimental piece,even I can resonate with .

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    Yes, I do miss receiving letters from family members staying in another city and from friends, not to mention birthday and festival cards. I do still use the postal mail service and have sent cards and letters once in a while, especially Diwali cards with text written using a calligraphy pen that I had received as a unique birthday gift many years ago.

    Who wants a letter? Don't mind sending one to an ISCian!

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    When I started working far away from Calcutta in 1989, I started writing letter to my parents, brother and sister. I used to write letters everyday. I used to receive letters everyday. The number of letters written by me and received by me started to come down since 1996, when we took STD connection in our residential landline in Calcutta. Even then I continued to write letters and receive letters till 2007-08. After the invasion of mobile phone in our life, letter writing has stopped, almost totally.
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    excellent response, I'm happy that some many of you have replied with genuine experiences and taken a trip down the memory lane. This form has like minded people that aptly reflects the saying " birds of the same feather flock together". Please continue expanding this thread.

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    Yes I really miss the letter writing concept and experience which I had immensely connected with during 1980 and 1985 when I was studying and working in Delhi. Being the eldest son of the family and having lost the elder brother at that time, the concern and importance was more on me and my father used to write letters in post card with reply card so that I need not run for post card and waste time. What was more touching that my father used to fill the return post card address so that I need not waste time or be lazy on that part. Such was the bonding during those five years with letters and on an average I used to receive at least 10 to 15 letters per month with daily updates of what has happened at Hyderabad. There were no phones in those days and the letter was ray of hope and aspirations for many and this post raised by the author took me to those days which I cherish even today.
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    For me, these postal letters have very special place. I started writing letters at the age of 9. When I went to hostel my father gave me a bunch of pre addressed post cards and envelopes to write letters to him regularly. There were no mobiles allowed in our hostel and only one land line phone instrument was there for around 100-150 girls, so it was difficult to get the line connected for STD calls.
    Letters were the only way to convey my stories to him.
    I still remember the time of assembly in hostel when I used to wait for letter announcements because my letter used to be there every 3-4 days.
    I wrote letters to home in every situation, when I was feeling home sick, when I could not understand the lesson in class, when I had a fight with my friend, when my room mate was not well and the list goes on. I used to mention every single thing from the queue in bathroom till the menu of dinner in hostel.
    My father has made file of all my letters and has preserved them with him.
    Similarly, I have a file of letters I received from my father with me and when ever I feel low, I read them just to feel good.
    The beauty of physical letters cannot be compared with emails, SMSs and now the Whats App chats.


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    Gone are the days. After completing my Intermediate I moved out from my village and joined in College in near by town after that I moved to a city for my further studies. In the university I was staying in the hostel. Those days the only way of correspondence between families and friends who are away is letter writing only. My father was very regular in writing letters. The day he received a letter from anybody the next hour he will send a letter as a reply. That is his habit.So I used to get at least one letter from him every week and 3 letters in fifteen days. I feel like reading those letters even today also. But unfortunately all I couldn't keep them. I always used to feel happy for reading those letters.
    After marriage my wife used to go to our native place for festivals and family functions in advance. I was going after some days. During those days we used to talk to each other by inland letters only. By the time I come back from my office the post man used to drop the letter in the house. The first job I used to do is to search for the letters. Some times even I know that I will not receive a letter on that day, I used to search for letters. That is a nice feeling.
    But the communication is improved a lot. Everyday I talk to my father. So no letters. All family members also sending whats app messages only. Even there are no phone calls. At least if we speak in a phone we can hear the voices. But messages will not give that much happiness when it is from our family members. So I talk to my parents daily. I talk to our other family members once in a while over pone.

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