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    Literacy v/s education

    India is one of the major countries that is recognised as educational and cultural hub. It has became a talent pool including people in all streams like medicinal, management, technologies, etc. Many big companies prefer to hire human resources from India for they are well known for there hard work and dedication. But there is a question that strikes our minds," if literacy and education, the same thing". 'Is literacy an another name to education?" Let us find it out.
    Literacy and education are termed to be the same. But, actually, these are not same at all. The word literacy has an indirect relation with the word education.
    Literacy is meant for acquiring the skills and learning, while, education is about applying those skills and learning for people's benefits.
    Literacy mainly revolves around the ability just to read and write while, education is not just making people able to read and write but also to make them a complete human. Education is related to the complete development of a human.
    Education is much broader concept than literacy. So, every literate person can't be termed as an educated person.
    Literacy can't make a person wise but education makes a person wise by his nature, attitude, abilities,etc.
    Learning to a literate person can be forgotten but education of a person is lives even the learning is forgotten.
    The people who can read and write, but use abusive and fowl language, can be known as literate but definitely, not educated.
    Literate people at higher positions misusing their positions are definitely called uneducated people.
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    Wonderful thread by the author, it's true that a person who is literate can't be termed as an educated person as being educated is much more than being a literate person.

    A person can be called literate if he can at the least read and write the basics but education takes a lot more. An educated man can be defined by his deeds and actions.

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    It is true. Literacy is different from education. An illiterate can be a more educated person than a literate uneducated. I agree with this. By simple learning how to read. how to write and how to speak we can;t say he is educated. Education means knowing the human nature, behaving well with the people and having good ethics. Many of the political leaders are literates. How many of them are educated we can't say? Similarly the college student who splashed acid on a girl who refused to love him, is a ;iterate but not educated. He is uneducated only. Similarly an IAS officer who is asking for bribe is not educated but he is a literate.Whatever you study and get qualified if you don't know the manners you are equal to uneducated only. The people who are earning crores of rupees but not taking care of their parents are definitely literates but uneducated. A nice post by the author.
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    Literacy simply means if the person is able to read and write. While , education means when you are literate as well as have enough intelligence to understand things. Education makes a person intelligent in all senses, whether it is in studies or be it behaviour wise. Education makes a person to know the difference between good and bad, and it makes a person to achieve what he/she wants in their life.
    Education makes you intelligent to know how to achieve your goals in life which literacy alone cannot do. Definitely both the words have a quite different meanings when explored.

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    Pooja Sachan,

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    There is no need to confuse between literacy and education. Literacy is the gateway to education these days. Unless one is literate the entry into the vast area of education is restricted. At the same time if we look back we can see several experts in a particular field, but not at all literate. As an example take farmer of earlier period. He will be an expert in agriculture and will be knowing which kind of seed is giving better production, what sort of manure and how much etc will be on his finger tips. He can teach these to others but give it in a note.
    Now a days a child is first taken to letters and later starts education. Also one cannot think of getting education without using books and other utensils such as computer these days. More over now one cannot limit to be literate in ones own mother tongue alone. Two or more languages might be necessary to know more in a particular subject.
    There is n need to confuse between the two usages.

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    Literacy and education are two entirely different things and they should not be mixed-up. If you consider education as a big room with many doors, literacy is the key to only one door the keys for the other doors may be experience, expertise etc . However, you can consider literacy as the master-key that can open any lock while experience and expertise are limited to some particular lock/locks only .
    The son of a gardener, even if he is illiterate, can become a good gardener. The expertise he gets from his father and the experience his father shares with him are the factors that decide his course of learning. But the same thing cannot be said for the son of an engineer or an author etc. Here, in order to get expertise , he will have to use the key of literacy.
    In a nut-shell we can say that it is possible to get education without literacy and literacy is only one of the various means of getting education.

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