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    “Eat your food like your medicines or else you will eat your medicines like food”

    This quote is very apt with respect to our current lifestyle. What goes in reflects in our body. Our body follows a proper mechanism and when we defy it, we get sick so as to fight those diseases off.

    Sometimes, in fact, many times due to our busy schedule we deny ourself proper healthy diet which in turn harms us in the long run. Few damages once done will be irreversible.

    I do find it difficult to have proper food due to different timings and it does take a toll. But reading this quote did pinch my heart and now I am determined to start a healthy living.

    So even as we get engrossed with our busy schedule lets ensure that we have a proper healthy diet. Time sowed towards our health today will reap the benefits or ill-effects tomorrow.

    Once again I would like to reiterate this quote "Eat your food like your medicines or else you will eat your medicines like food".
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    Good thread from the author which stress the need to look after our health well. We should not bow to the need of the wants instead eat what is needed to the stomach. By having junk foods of temporary happiness , we are inviting health problems to us. The other day I have seen one old lady having a box full of medicines which she has to take some before meals and some after taking food. When I asked what is the use of having so many medicines when you are not having control over taking those foods, to which she said that her wants cannot be controlled and the medicines shall take care of any malfunction inside body. I was astonished with her reply.
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    True. our tongue is our enemy in many respects. Our tongue always wants the taste. Once you go as for that wish trouble starts. Similarly some times we slip our tongue, the back of us has to face the music. We can't take back the utterances once it is out of our tongue. So for all problems in life tongue is the root cause.
    Many people can't resist their wishes for food even though they know it is bad for the health. Then and there the problem starts. So we should always keep our tongue in control.
    Good food habits are always better to have a peaceful and happy life.
    My father is 84 years now. From his early life, he used to maintain a very good discipline in his eatings. Even today he is able to walk and do all his works on his own. He was in service till he completed his 80 years. He is a living example of good food habits. By any chance the doctor says that you should not eat an item, he will never even smell it.
    If we eat more and junk food we have to take medicines like food only to continue our life. There is no other way. There are some people whose philosophy is to eat whatever they want and use medicines. But it is not at all correct and we will have a lot of side effects if we eat more and more.

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    I am of the opinion that we should eat for us in normal way. In the years back to 30 years,many were eating in a good quantity as then quality of food items,goodcooking people were available simply. Now,the trend is not like that 1)no quality items available as adultration is more.2)nobody has time to sit eat.3)no tasty cook as well eater available now. So,in such situation, if we restrict ourselves unnecesarily also should go to level of meeting doctor. Till we fell into the circle of BP,diabetic we should not over controle ourselves as less sugar,salt,protein also lead to danger.

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    Having thrown our ancient wisdom as orthodox and uncivilised, now we are re-inventing( or re-importing) them one by one at high cost paying patents to others with commercial interests.

    One such instance is the wisdom line given as title. It simply reminds us of our age old wisdom teaching that if one shows moderation in eating, he will be healthy and may not need any medicine at all.

    Mita or moderation is advised in any kind of pleasure. In food intake, it is 'Mita Aahaara". or moderate food. It should be just enough to satisfy our hunger. Most of us eat to please the tongue, not just to satisfy the hunger. By the modern 'bring eating' we mask and ignore the warning signals of our body. We simply exceed. On the other extreme, many starve themselves in order to have a 'hour glass' body. Both are not correct.

    We should have Mitaahaara.(Aahaara-food, mita-moderate).

    This is given in the following mentioned sloka in Bhagavat Gita:

    Naatyashnatastu yogosti
    Na chaikaantamanashnatah
    Na chaati svapnasheelasya
    Jaagrato naiva cha Arjuna.

    (Essence: One cannot become a Yogi if one indulges in overeating or under-eating; oversleeping or under-sleeping). That means one should have proper optimum food and sleep. Nether more nor less. That is Mita or moderate.

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    Nice! They say "Fill half of your stomach with food. Rest half must be filled with quarter parts of water and air respectively".
    Every reaction ever, takes place only at a certain temperature and pressure. As body's temperature pretty much remains constant, pressure is something we need to apply for digestion to take place.So how to apply this pressure then. You cannot control the walls of your stomach. So passing air and water at a constant flow rate will keep the stomach at required pressure. If pressure applied is sudden, the adversities take place. You suffer kidney troubles and digestion problems.
    If there is not sufficient pressure, you suffer malnutrition or constipation.
    Always fill your stomach to the half of it's capacity. Have a great nutritious breakfast, a not so heavy lunch and a very meager dinner. You can forgo dinner if you want. Because digestion is the weakest at the night.
    These are simple yet effective techniques one need to follow to attain good health.

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    In our culture and in our great books like Vedas and Purans it is mentioned and reiterated at places that we should eat our food slowly and try to make it a paste in the mouth itself so that the necessary ingredients from saliva are mixed well before going to the elementary canal.

    Unfortunately due to our hectic, impatient and fast life we have totally forgotten this great message and the result is known to all. The whole human race is suffering with lack of proper food digestion. I think it is not too late and we can start a new beginning by adopting this great mantra of eating in a healthy manner.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very true for the current Indian scenario. India is fast becoming the global capital of Diabetes mellitus and Obesity. Every week we hear of some of our friends or relatives who have been detected to have a high cholesterol, high sugar, high BP. Sometimes I wonder whether the average disease free Indian Lifespan would start going in a reverse order ( great grandparents living longer than grandparents who in turn live longer than parents and outlive children without the aid of medicines). Today the new breed of men and women often begin the day in a hectic, stressful life with a handful of tablets and end the same long day with another handful of tablets.

    We are to blame ourselves, the western culture, influence of fast food, hanging out in pubs and malls filled with all the best of junk foods. The way we live, the way we look after our body and the environment around us often decide the onset of disease.

    A healthy diet, balanced life style, adequate sleep, regular medical checkups are all important. Someone said' Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper', this is very true if one has to maintain his or her weight and in turn health. Lastly, if it'll we need to take the tablets, please take them regularly as part of the punishment for our ills and for the future of people dependent on us.

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