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    English is a language and not a measure of intelligence- Agree or Disagree?

    India is a multilingual country. But amidst all the languages in our country, English is the only international language which is commonly spoken among the people. Our education system also gives more importance to English when compared to other native languages. But do the people at all the levels and stages have good knowledge in English? Definitely not! Because in India there are many educational institutions which are offering education in different medium of instructions other than English. People who are not interested to learn English do exist in India. Also not everyone who had studied at English medium possesses strong English speaking and writing skills. People who have good writing skills in English may find it difficult to speak in English. When a language is considered, the comfortable level of a person varies. But in general, it is easy for a person to convey his/her thoughts or views in their own native language when compared to other languages.

    Be it an educational institution or an organization, English plays a major role in admission or recruitment process. Some competitive exams have separate section to check a candidate's vocabulary. Evaluating a person's performance or intelligence with a language is illogical. A person who is eloquent in English may not be intelligent and the person who is weak in English may not be non- rational. Learning a global language is good, but testing a person's intelligence based on his/her knowledge in English is not fair.

    Do you think Indians measure a person's intelligence based on fluency or knowledge in English? Is it good to test a person's intelligence based on his/her knowledge in a global language?

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    Definitely not. Intelligence is something related to the person capability to understand the matters in a proper way and see that things will go forward. That is nothing to do with fluency in any language. Whatever may be the language you speak if you are able to communicate properly in such a way that the recipient will understand the matter clearly. But how you place the matter and how you structure your work depends on your intelligence.
    We Indians even though obtained freedom from Britishers long back, we are not able to come out of the habits received from them. We feel very great if we write very complicated sentences showing our power of vocabulary. But it is not correct. We should be able to convey our intentions with simple words so that the other person will easily understand the message what we are conveying.

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    Absolutely no. English spoken or good communication is no way to judge someone's intelligence. But it has become Indian mentality to judge that way. Because yes there are many people who do not know how to speak in English and it is like a stigma for them. And if someone with very good communication speaks in front of them, they consider that person to be intelligent. So, this is the way how it goes in society.
    And yes we have our native language to express our views to the other person. English is given more preference because in India, people from different states speak their own native language. A person coming from South to North will not know how to speak in Hindi and similarly a person going from North to South side will not be able to speak in Tamil or other South Indian language. It is only the English language that both of them are aware of and will be able to speak and communicate with each other. So, here English plays a great role.
    But yes, Intelligence should never be calculated on the basis of how much a person is good in speaking English. Because Intelligence comes from complete knowledge and not from only speaking. The reason schools give more emphasis on this language is to make the child learn it well for future needs. And obviously the reason as I explained above.

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    Yes I agree with the author. English is the language and it cannot be taken as the parameter and think that the person is intelligent just because he can talk and write English thoroughly. For that matter every American can talk good English by virtue of their birth in that country which speaks only English and the children are habituated to pick up that language from the birth. That does not stop the parents there to deny education for the children. They have to impart education like we do and then only total intelligent is bestowed. So is the case of some people in India who talk English as their mother tongue.
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    English is, like any other native language, a means of communication. Then how can it be the measure of intelligence? India is a big country with many regions, cultures, customs and traditions. The people of different parts of the country speak different languages. In earlier days, they were located at the place they were born and brought up and spoke the language they knew to communicate with others. There was no need for them to learn any other language.
    But with the advent of time, the world has become smaller and people started interacting with others living in other parts of the country of even outside the country. In order to do so they needed some common language to communicate.
    As Puja has rightly said, 'person coming from South to North will not know how to speak in Hindi and similarly a person going from North to South side will not be able to speak in Tamil or other South Indian language.' Therefore, the need of a common language in which both are proficient arose.
    At first, Hindi was thought to play the role of this common language and hence it was declared as our National Language. However, English was preferred to Hindi because by learning this language one can have a broader contact, not only with the people living in different parts of our own country but also with people living in many other parts of the world.
    Thus, Like any other language, English is also merely a language of communication then how can it be the measuring scale of intelligence?

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    To me English is another foreign language which we have been studying along with our mother-language since our childhood. So, we use it as our language of communication.
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    To my mind, English is a symbol of colonial rule. I think we could have had a lingua franca, if there would have been no British Rule in India. I can give you example of China, Japan, France and many more have their languages as a national languages. They progressed a lot without using English.

    Ironically, even being a multilingual country, we are using the crutches of English. I strongly of the opinion that a country without its own lingua franca is dumb. The divide and rule policy of British Rule is responsible for this.
    They wanted that we should remain divided and dependent on them. Some people of vested interest promoted English and damned the Indian languages out of sycopancy of master.

    Framers of the constitution also gave a serious thought to this issue and Hindi (in the form of a lingua franca) was declared as the national language. Unfortunately, states from south India opposed this under compulsion of local politics and the war of supremacy of languages. English is an imposed language. Leave aside any talk of intellect, this language does not have a well developed grammar like the Indian languages have.

    I wish to see English out of the schedule of languages of India.

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    Before 1947,it was alright that we were forced to learn english as we have to do so for communicating with our rulers,but present situation is entirely different as we have rulers with different languages in our country. So, english should be used as communication where both the parties doesn't have a common language. I did so in my 35 years of service by traveling all parts of our country. The easiest way to get our work done with success is to use the local language.

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    English is a language just like any other language. There is nothing special about it except the fact that it is spoken and understood by people in many countries and is the only international language today.

    Britishers were supposed to be superior to us and the people in Britishers time in India felt that english is a language to be learnt for getting a job easily during that time. That effect is still there and most of the people (including me) are having fancy with english language.

    Everyone wants that their children should be educated in English Medium School and when they speak english the parents can feel proud of that in front of their relatives and friends or in society.

    English is no way connected to the intelligence of a person. Only thing is certain benefits which can be derived by knowing English like conversation at the time of interviews, talking in business conferences, giving a lecture in beautiful english impressing and mesmerizing the audience.

    These are the reasons why we are attached to this language so much and why we are giving special attention and respect to the people who are having the expertise in english language.

    In many countries where there are many languages, english is getting advantage of becoming a common language. India is one of those countries.

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    Why this comparison of a language with intelligence? Intelligence and knowledge are not directly connected. For that matter knowledge in any language including once own mother tongue is not related to intelligence. Small kids who are yet to start using any language to convey their needs show their intelligent approach in procuring their needs. May be they cry to get attention of elders or do something else.
    English is just one language as any other. If we go to Japan, Germany, France or any other country for higher studies we have to study the respective language first. We the Indians developed this interest in English because they ruled us for more than two hundred years and insisted learning the language for higher jobs.

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