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    How Multi level marketing is expanding in our country.

    Firstly we will know what multi level marketing or Network marketing is?
    Multi level marketing is a vast growing field of marketing today. If we talk in layman terms, It means when people work in chains with each other to earn profits and that profit earned becomes a source of earning for them. There are many companies who have started big chains in India like Amway , Oriflame, Avon and many more. These all have began in foreign countries and are now expanding their business in our country by attracting more poeple to work for them and giving greater profits. They say that this will make their living secure and they will have money in their hands when people are jobless or when people are get retired.
    They have a process to first make one person a 'member' of their business and then they ask them to involve more people in it by explaining them about their products and services. People with hope of making more money get involved in it. Few days back in my home only a lady came, she was my mother's friend, and she came with a hope to make my mother or me, a member of their business. First I heard everything about what it is, she explained thoroughly by attracting our minds towards more money and making our life full of luxuries. I was aware of all this nonsense, as I have heard about them all before also. So, coming back, she told us everything and later she gave us a form to fill our personal details and even asked for my mother's Aadhar card to make her the member immediately. But since we were already aware of these types of business and were not interested in it, I told her that we will first think about it and then revert back. Now, she keeps calling my mother everyday to join the business. I forgot to tell this business, it is now an Indian company this time and its name is "Nazwis" - she told that it was earlier in Tourism industry and now they are evolving as leaders in network marketing too.

    This is really a strange thing, they talk to people and with a thought to involve them in their business without even thinking that if the other person is interested or not. They explain all these stupid fundas, just to earn more money. They give highly dreamy thoughts to people, by giving them a thought of going away from their jobs and saying that in job, you have to work a lot and you get less earning. And they say, if you are investing here, you will have a happy and luxurious life and everything that you want. This all seems like a trap to involve more people, where educated people are just not meant to be, this is my personal opinion.
    What all opinions do all of you have on this strange marketing trend?
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    It is illegal to work for the multi level marketing as the government has banned such type of deceiving the people forced involvement of each individual to sell a product or service. Few years back there was multi level marketing promoting a bed seems to be having some magnetic effect and the members who became the chain marketers are asked to sell at more than 1.3 lakh and if they make members, that product would become free in due course. But the police and the court has taken that seriously and even the company tops were arrested. So it is illegal in India to promote MLM.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #608816 : But Mohan Sir, it is expanding drastically in our country and government itself is giving approvals for it. What will you say now ?
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    I don't know that it is illegal or not? It is expanding in India. Multi level marketing is a chain business. Anywhere if the chain breaks everybody will be at a loss. One of my friends tried me to rope in me in Amway. But as I am fully aware of the repercussions, I told him that it is not my cup of tea. Recently another person is trying to rope me in. But I am reluctant and told him not to bother me in this issue.
    Initially, it looks to be attractive but once you are in you will understand the problems. The company will try to sell their products at a very high rate and people will be making a loss in this bargain. People who never bother about other's feelings only should go into this business. Genuine people should not take up any active part in this multi level marketing process.

    always confident

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    If any one complains to police against those regarding multi level marketing activities, surely they will be arrested. This is very much force in Telangana and I do not know the law of other states.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Excellent thread, these schemes are referred to as Ponzi schemes or Pyramid schemes are out there to dupe innocent by greedy people who want to make a quick buck. Once someone enters this, it's difficult to get out as the lure for money is every increasing. The other well-known scam is the Chain mail or letter scam ( physical or e mail).
    Whatever the scam and whatever the legal issues people should not fall for it. I'm glad that you smelt a rat from the beginning. There's an old adage ' if it's too good to be true then probably it's not'.

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    I suffered a lot because of the proponents of these multi-level marketing. Even after an almost abusive/insulting ''NO'' to their proposals, the promoters of two such companies used to disturb me and my wife for a quite long time. Fortunately for the last two years, we are not being disturbed by them.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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