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    Winners will never quit and quitters will never win.

    Do you agree with this? We are all doing many activities in our life every day. Sometimes we want to do that work at any cost. Then we will pursue the matter very seriously and see that we will complete the task. But sometimes we will start half heartedly and we complete or may not complete. So when we take up a work completing it or leaving in between is all depends on our mind set.
    When we approach any problem with a positive mind and attempt it sincerely we will win. But if we do it for somebody's sake and have no interest we will not win it.
    But my opinion is once we take up a task we should not leave it at any cost and we should win the task Then only we can say we are winners. But starting the task and going back is not a winning attitude. It is a quitters action. A quitter will never win.
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    Yes it is true and that is happening in our life too. When ever you take up a task, that should be finished to the hilt and no balance kept. A winner is considered as fully won if he accomplishes all the task and nothing left to attend. And the real winner is one who must show the way for the others to achieve the task . What is the use of this life after we acquiring knowledge and then not sharing it others. What is the use of being a sports person of par excellence but never helped others of same sport. What is the use of having qualified a game but never gave a tutorial to others to play and win.
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    Agree with you, we live in a world wherein the competition is fierce, the society is changing rapidly, opportunities are scarce and human values are slowly eroding. In such an environment if you do not have a positive, assertive attitude you will never win. Winning always means having the passion, desire, and outlook to be a winner. If one is undecided, naive about the circumstances, having a negative attitude then it's easier to quit.

    Take for instance something as simple as standing at KFC or getting a seat in the metro train - only the smart, alert, proactive people often move fast and get things done in comparison to the people who are docile, waiting for their turn or who look unsure, this group is often pushed behind or lag behind. Similarly, any task at work, day to day life or life as a whole needs to be approached with all the above qualities and an equal dose of common sense and awareness of the factors influencing the task.

    Some say don't burn your bridges but again some say burn every last bridge so that going back is NOT an option and only way is forward no matter what the adversity is.

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    This is generally true. However, I have seen some cases when a person quits temporarily, prepare himself/herself well and returns later to conquer, to be the winner. People only remember the ultimate success, not the previous failures.
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    If we take up a task properly evaluating the risks and difficulties and also knowing our abilities and limitations, then we may not need to quit, if we put the required efforts.
    It is mostly the unrealistic targets and tasks that compel us to quit in the midst. However even those tiresome tasks also become manageable at a later stag, with due preparations and precautions as pointed out in 608890.
    I have a doubt whether the view in #608868 indirectly lauds or advocates "moving out of turn' or jumping an orderly queue.
    I would rather support orderliness and waiting for our turn and not push and prod and jump the order. Not quitting means patience and perseverance leading to positivity. But jumping queue is only impatience and negativity leading to chaos.

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    Winners will never quit and quitters will never win. It a proverb not realty. If someone realizes in between that it not not possible or the time and cost will become tremendously high, it better to quit than continuing. For example a student is preparing for competition and in the first attempt his performance far -far below . It is better to change the mind for other option.
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