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    Discovery throwing more light on zero's origin.

    In the field of Mathematical science a very important discovery has been reported. It is about the origin of zero' s symbol.
    Generally it is accepted that zero originated from India. The scripts available on the temple walls at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh are believed to be the first evidence about zero' s origin in India. These scriptures date back to 8th to 9th centuries. But the palm leaf scriptures from Bakshali in which zero (0) is written dates further back. Based on carbon dating it is estimated to belong to 3rd century. This confirms the belief that 'zero' (0) is Indian contribution to the realm of Mathematics.
    Mayans and Babilonians used the concept of zero still earlier. But the symbol (0) was first used in India.
    The Bakshali script which gave this information is kept Oxford University' s manuscript library. The manuscript was collected from the village Bakshali near Taxila ( now in Pakistan).
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    The invention of zero brought multidimensionally look to the mathematics. The mathematical science expanded to many folds. A great invention from India. Thanks for the information given on this Zero origin.
    Indian produced very good mathematicians like Ramanujan who brought laurels to India through their mathematical knowledge. A good post.

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    Zero has been playing important role in our life and by bringing this post, the author once again gave us the valuable information on zero and Indian importance attached to it. Great sharing.
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    I've seen the word "shoonya" frequently in our epics and Vedas. If you believe Vedas were written in 1500 BC then zero is older than what we imagine it to be. It's as simple as it can be. Without zero complicated math is impossible. Let alone equations.
    Mayans could count upto 100 billion! But they flourished in 800BC. Egyptians used zero almost the same time we did.
    So we can proudly accept the fact that we discovered zero or rather used it first.
    To be honest no one discovered zero. It's natural to think that humans might have made a figure to describe nothing. But zero being used in maths meant birth of numbers more than 9. With birth of zero, equations were born too. With equations, graphs and roots were born. Followed by integration and differentiation.
    All because of a single number with no practical value.
    Zero is a hero.

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    The symbol of zero first appeared in Mesopotamia (Iraq) around 3 BC.
    Mayans invented it independently during 4AD.
    It was devised in India in fifth century then spread to Cambodia near 7th century and into China and Islamic countries in the 8th century and reached Europe in 12th century.

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